Update And Backup Windows Drivers With Smart Driver Updater

Smart Driver Updater is a free software which updates Windows drivers and also allows their backup and restore. This makes it quite useful, as it not only provides driver updating functionality like Driver Identifier, but also contains driver backup ability like Driver Backup.

Updating your drivers with Smart Driver Updater is quite easy, click Start Scan from the main interface to begin scanning for new available drivers for your system devices.

It will display a list of available drivers which can be updated. All driver categories are shown in groups, which makes it convenient to identify specific device(s). You can uncheck the Show Group option to view the devices separately. You can click on Updated Selected to start downloading new drivers.

This will download your selected drivers automatically, after which you will be provided with an installation option.

Once the Drivers are downloaded, select a specific driver and click Install to update your drivers.

You can also use the Backup utility to backup and/or restore your saved drivers from the Backup Drivers tab. It is advised that you should backup your current drivers before updating to new ones, so that you may be able to revert the changes in case of an issues, you can do so from this tab and optionally also create a System Restore point, just in case.

Download History tab displays the history of the currently downloaded drivers, whereas, the Settings tab allows configuring the default directory for saving the downloaded drivers.

The Settings tab also allows configuring proxy settings (if any), from the Internet sub-tab and provides driver update schedule from the Schedule tab.

Smart Driver Updater works with

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Smart Driver Updater