Upload Photos & Videos To Facebook From Desktop & Right-Click Menu

Upload Rabbit for Facebook is a Windows software for uploading photos and videos to Facebook via drag and drop or Windows right click menu. You can directly upload photos to multiple Facebook accounts. The uploaded photos can be sent to a selected album, a new album or posted to wall. The main interface of Upload Rabbit is quite similar to a Mac window, despite the fact that it is a based Windows software.

To begin the uploading process, select the photos or video option for uploading content and click Next to continue.

Upload Rabbit for Facebook

After that, drag and drop pictures or videos to the main interface or use the Add button.


You will require authorizing the Upload Rabbit application from your Facebook account to upload content.

Facebook Login

You can add and select multiple Facebook accounts to upload content to. Select an account to continue the uploading process.

Select Account

In the last step, select the album you wish to upload pictures to, create a new album, or select “Just on wall” option to post images directly to your wall. Click Next to continue.


This will upload your selected photos or videos to your Facebook profile.


You can also upload photos and videos to your Facebook profile via right-click menu.


Using Upload Rabbit, you can easily upload your photos and videos to multiple Facebook accounts without having to visit Facebook and switching between multiple Facebook accounts for separately uploading content.

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Upload Rabbit for Facebook works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Upload Rabbit for Facebook