Use Windows XP Style Start Menu In Windows 7 With Start Menu XP

StartMenuXP is a free software (paid version also available with extra features), which gives you the Windows XP style classic start menu in Windows 7, with the option to also use the Windows 7 menu as well. It can be used either with the start menu or as a stand alone application.

Start Menu 2

Main features:

  • Virtual Groups

It provides you with the option to make groups within the Windows XP style start menu display. For example, Games can go in the Games folder and Office applications in the Office folder.

  • Foldable Groups

A group can be minimized with a single click! And programs within a group become visible when you place the mouse cursor over it.

  • Use The Entire Screen

Unlike in the Windows7 menu, you don’t need to scroll up and down anymore.

  • Alphabetical Order

Programs are always sorted alphabetically within groups.

You can access these options from the system tray.

System Tray 2

And configure options according to your liking. You can add/remove items from Manage Groups. Creating additional groups is only possible in the Pro version, which is available for $20. The free version only allows adding or removing items from current groups.

System 2

Start Menu XP works only with Windows 7.

Download Start Menu XP