VideoMinimizer, Free Video Resizer To Reduce Video File & Image Size

Sometimes it is required to change the file or image size of a video to increase or reduce the Picture size of the running video and/or the file size (e.g. from 1GB to 500MB).

Moo0 VideoMinimizer is a free video resizing software which:

  • Lets you change the display size of a video (picture size of video).
  • Allows changing the file size.
  • And enables changing the video quality between Best, High and Normal modes.

Moo0 VideoMinimizer does not perform both kinds of resizing tasks simultaneously, so you will have to either select the Image Size or File resizing option. To change the file size, select By File Size option from Method drop down menu, specify a maximum size limit (e.g. 300 MB) and choose a quality level which should be maintained during the conversion process.

Byfile size

The Image Size changing option offers different settings to tweak video display image size. First of all, select custom width and height or a particular size from the given options from Width x Height drop down menu, (which contains screen dimensions for devices such as Android and other Mobile or Smart Phones, as well as standard sizes to suit your monitor or TV screen) from the given options such as  480×320, 624×322, 854×480, etc. Before converting a video you can optionally enable the Test Convert option  to convert a small part of the video (such as 15 seconds) for previewing the result before starting the complete conversion process. This can save you a lot of time to check out if your conversion output size will be appropriate.

By image

Once you have set the required parameters, drag a video to specified Drop Box. This will start the conversion process. The conversion process is quite smooth and quick and is completed in no time. At the completion of the conversion process, a new file is created which is re-sized according to your defined settings.


Note: It is advised to avoid resizing the video too much as it can lead to reduction in quality. This is true for both over increasing or reducing the size of a video (including file and image size). During testing, I was able to successfully reduce a video size significantly without much video quality degradation. So converting roughly 20-30 percent size of the video should help you maintain good quality Also make sure that you select normal or good quality from the Quality drop down menu to ensure that the conversion process is performed according to good quality parameters.

Moo0 VideoMinimizer works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download Moo0 VideoMinimizer