View Comics, E-Books, Images And Compressed File With GonVisor

GonVisor is a Windows based freeware that allows viewing pictures, comic books, e-books, magazines, and content of compressed archives from numerous compression formats. It supports many famous comic book and compressed archive formats, including ZIP, RAR, ACE , 7ZIP, CBR, CBZ, CBA and CB7. GonVisor allows users to create a group of selected images and to arrange them, add descriptions to them, (e.g. name of the file, date, author’s name, comment etc), to view images from PDF documents and to password protect files.

You can open supported file types with GonVisor by simply dragging them to the main interface or via the File (drop down) menu. The File menu provides options to open either selected images, a folder containing images, images from a PDF document, as well as ZIP, RAR, 7Z and comic format files such as, CBZ, CB7 CBR, CBA. Additionally, you can extract the opened images (that your are viewing) to a selected location or copy them to clipboard.

To move between pages, use the next/previous option, located in the Actions drop down menu. You can switch to full screen mode, activate double page view, magnify pages, zoom, rotate and improve image clarity from the “Image” (drop down) menu.


I was able to determine during the testing of GonVisor that although it seamlessly opens image and comic files, it does not open archives that don’t contain files from unsupported formats. For example, if a ZIP file had images stored in it, the content can be viewed with GonVisor. However, if it contained unsupported files, e.g. an EXE file, the file content will not be viewable with GonVisor.

Comic Book

GonVisor supports many interface languages, and is also available in portable format, which does not require you to install the application on your computer, since it can be run from a simple EXE file. You might also find Open Freely and Free Opener to be on interest, which are applications that can open files from a number of formats, such as video, audio, rich text and image formats. GonVisor works on the following Windows based operating systems:

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