Watch Custom Size YouTube Videos On Desktop With goVideo

go Video, which is desktop application for watching YouTube videos. It provides the option to either directly search for YouTube videos from a given search bar or to find videos by some of its built in categories which include, entertainment, cars, travel, fitness, animals, funny, etc. This eliminates the need to use a browser for watching YouTube videos and also is more flexible in terms of size as users can choose a custom size by enlarging or shrinking the application window. All videos are displayed horizontally in small icons, which makes it easier to sort between suggested videos instead of scrolling down endlessly.

After being launched, goVideo shows a list of the most viewed videos. users can click on any of the categories above (e.g. entertainment), in order to view a list of related videos or perform a YouTube search from the given search box.

Clicking on any video, opens it in a new window. The size of the video can be managed by changing the height or width of the  application window. goVideo does not have very intricate options and therefore is a simple and easy to use desktop alternative to a browser for searching videos on YouTube.

This application was tested successfully on a Windows 7 64-bit operating system and works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download goVideo