The user “DOMAIN\user” does not have RSOP data

Question : The user “DOMAINuser” does not have RSOP data

 I have resolved a problem with the group policies on the server but I still have the same problem on the workstations.
When I run gpresult, I get the following error;
INFO: The user “DOMAINuser” does not have RSOP data
When I run rsop.msc, I get the following error
RSoP data is invalid. Likely causes are, data is corrupt, data has been deleted or data has never been created.
Datails: Invalid namespace

I reinstalled a new server and was trying to get some of the SYSVOL data restored from the tape. After I did this, that is when I started having the problems. I deleted all of the existing policies, ran dcgpofix and that put the default GPO’s back but I still have the issues above. Of course the workstations don’t run the GPO’s and they take a long time to log in.

Solution: The user “DOMAINuser” does not have RSOP data

Troubleshooting RSoP : link

May not be that helpful though.

It sounds like that the workstations are not picking up the replaced policies – the issue is that they seem to have corrupted policies as well.

You could try resetting the accounts in AD – but this has never really worked for me. Could you try reinstalling one station – and see if that works out?

If that doesn’t solve the problem – then you still have a server problem.