Windows 7 Theme Manager Downloads HD Wallpapers By Category

Windows 7 Theme Manager is an easy to use software which enables downloading beautiful HD wallpapers by categories such as Movies, TV, Cars, Sports, Animals, Abstract, Games, Landscape, 3D,Celebrities, etc. It downloads selected themes from its database of professionally designed wallpapers forWindows 7. Its built in catalogue can be set to download updated versions of selected themes as newer versions become available. You can also switch themes with a single click, as well as easily access and manage all installed themes.

Wallpaper 2

After launching this software, select a category from the available list and click on a wallpaper to install it.

Select theme

The selected wallpaper will be downloaded from Windows 7 Theme Manager database and automatically installed as your desktop background.

Windows 7 32-bit - VMware Workstation_2011-06-15_11-27-58

All themes come with a number of High Definition wallpapers which are rotated according to your Windows 7 wallpaper rotation settings.


You can manage the installed themes from the “Installed Themes” tab . You can delete a saved themes either from the default Windows personalization option or be selecting a theme and clicking on Delete button from Installed Themes tab. The Settings tab provides options to check for new theme versions to update saved themes.

Installed themes

Windows 7 Theme Manager works only with Windows 7.

Download Windows 7 Theme Manager