Windows 8 Release Preview Product Key From Microsoft

At the launch of the Windows 8 Developer’s Preview, there was no product key required during the installation of the operating system. However, things soon seemed confusing when people tried to Refresh/Reset their Windows 8 PC, as a Product Key prompt started showing up. This is why the Windows 8 Consumer Preview was released with a visible product key, unlike the developer’s preview for which a key was discovered a bit late (by the users). The FAQs of the Windows 8 Release Preview have also provided a  Product Key, which may be required if you are installing the operating system from an installation media.

The product key for the Windows 8 Release Preview is given at the end of this post. Before you grab the Windows 8 Release Preview. Key, check out the instructions given in this post. Also make sure that your PC meets the minimum system requirements. You can also upgrade from an existing Windows 8 Consumer Preview or Developer’s Preview installation to Windows 8 Release Preview. When upgrading your system you will not encounter any data loss and all your old files will be shifted to the Windows.old folder in the Primary partition (e.g. C drive). For more details about Windows 8 upgrade, check out he FAQs.

Warning: If you create an installation media, start your PC from it and then install Windows 8 Release Preview, your data will be erased, (files, programs, and settings). To make sure that you can keep our files, programs, or settings intact, install Windows 8 Release Preview by starting your installation from within Windows.

Windows 8 product key

Note: If you install Windows 8 Release Preview using the Setup program, no product key is required. However, if you create an installation media to install the Release Preview, then you may need to enter the product key given below.

Windows 8 Release Preview Product Key: TK8TP-9JN6P-7X7WW-RFFTV-B7QPF

If you want to activate Windows Media Center on your Windows 8 PC, then see the process and Media Center activation product key here.