Can’t create a PTR record in DNS Manager

Question : Can’t create a PTR record in DNS Manager

I just created a new forward lookup zone. I right-clicked it and clicked New Host (A or AAAA), filled in a name and an IP address, and checked the “Create associated pointer (PTR) record”  and got a message saying “Warning: the associated pointer (PTR) record cannot be created, probably because the referenced reverse lookup zone cannot be found”. Can anyone tell me how to resolve this problem?  The Host record was created fine but I’m wondering if that message is something I should worry about. (I chose the “Create PTR record” option because I’m following steps in a book; so I don’t really understand what it means.) Thanks in advance.


Solution : Can’t create a PTR record in DNS Manager

I don’t think its automatically installed.   I just tried it by loading up new virtual server2003 , I dcpromo’d it to a new domain and added dns services.   There is no reverse lookup zone created automatically although the Forward zones were created automatically when I dcpromoed it and selected AD intregrated DNS.  

I think you have to create them manually.