Problem : Windows Deployment services Server

Problem : Windows Deployment services Server

i have physical server installed with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
i installed on this server System Center Configuration Manager R2 and SP2 version 4.00.6487.2000 with a stand alone SQL server.
i tried to deploy windows 7 image to 2 dell machines – the deployment was unsuccessfully
i rebooted the server and from that point a lots of problems appear:
– WDSServer stopped:
1. event id: 1025
level: information
The RPC server started on TCP port 5040.
2. event id: 517
level: information
Provider BINLSVC loaded from C:Windowssystem32binlsvc.dll and initialized successfully.
3. event id: 513
level: error
An error occurred while trying to initialize provider WDSDDPS from C:Windowssystem32wdsddps.dll. Windows Deployment Services server will be shutdown.
Error Information: 0x906
4. event id: 521
level: information
Provider WDSDDPS was shutdown successfully.
5. event id: 1026
level: information
The RPC server shutdown successfully.
6. event id: 521
level: information
Provider BINLSVC was shutdown successfully.
7. event id: 257
level: error
An error occurred while trying to start the Windows Deployment Services server.
Error Information: 0x906

On Site System Status:
ConfigMgr distribution point is critical 100MB
ConfigMgr PXE service point is critical 67.7GB


Solution: Windows Deployment services Server

This error is caused because you are missing files from your remoteinstallsmsbootx86 or x64 directory and is generally caused by one of two things:

1. The x64 boot image has not been added to the PXE service point.
“But I’m only deploying an x86  boot image and OS,” I hear you say.  It doesn’t matter.  If the machine is x64 architecture (which all today’s new machines are), the boot ROM requested will be x64. This in no way effects your ability to use an x86 boot image; this boot ROM process is completely independent.

The solution is to add the x64 image to your PXE DP and update. You will then see the directory remoteinstallsmsbootx64 populated with files, and your good to go.

2.Even after you update your PXE DP, the files still don’t show up.
This is a common issue.  When updating the DP, the WIM file is mounted (under C:windowstemp), all your modifications injected (such as drivers, custom backgrounds etc) and then packed back up into the boot wim pushed to the DP.  At the same time, the boot ROM files were interested in are extracted to C:WindowstempPxebootfiles before being copied to remoteinstallsmsbootx86 or x64.

Sometimes the C:WindowstempPxebootfiles directory has something funky happen to it and doesn’t clean itself up correctly.  So the difficult fix is — Delete the directory and re-distribute the package. (The directory is hidden, so make sure you set the option in Explorer so you can see it).  You can also have a look at pxecontrol.log to see the extraction process and/or the error occurring.