YouTube Statistics Software Saves Specified YouTube Video Stats

YouTube Statistics is a desktop application for fetching stats for YouTube videos. It obtains YouTube video information such as the number of raters, total views, likes, dislikes, average score, etc for specified vireos. You can also save the stats to an Excel sheet. this software can be useful for keeping track of your uploaded and favorite YouTube videos.

Click  Manage Videos option and add URLs of videos to track stats for. Once the videos are added, click on the arrow button from the top buttons to get video stats for all added videos.

Add Videos

After that, click Details button next to each video. This will display detailed stats for the specific video, such as video description, likes, dislikes, number of raters, rating average, and more.


You can select Export to Excel option from top buttons to save the data (for all added videos) to an MS Excel sheet.

MS Excel

YouTube Statistics is a free open source software which works on

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Download YouTube Statistics