What is SEO And How Can You Optimize Your Website?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has become one of the most important ways of marketing products and services, as well as attracting website visitors. Simply making a blog or website is not enough to attract visitors. This is because  a website requires complete on-page and off-page optimization to become search engine friendly. Hiring an SEO service can be both risky and expensive, as many SEO experts can end up getting Continue Reading →

How To Avoid Getting Penalized By Google Penguin And Panda Updates

If there is anything that has shook the SEO world, it is the Google Panda and Penguin updates. It appears as if Google is trying to make SEO (Search Engine Optimization) history by making results more natural (as they are technically supposed to be). Unfortunately, this is leading to widespread issues for SEO experts including the potential chance of losing their job and livelihood. But all is not all that Continue Reading →

Google Announces To Push Down Copyright Violators In Search Results


When people search for a movie or video, many a times they end up on websites which offer pirated content. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that the affected party can do about such violations, except to report the copyrights infringement to Google and hope that the plea is found among millions of copyrights violation notices and the copyrights violator is unable to rank in Google results. Now, Google is taking a Continue Reading →

Smart Desktop Adds Shortcuts & Gadgets To Desktop, Alternative To Rainmeter

Smart Desktop is a software which adds useful shortcuts and widgets to your desktop which eliminates the need to add any additional gadgets, program shortcuts and the like. It contains weather, calendar and system monitoring widgets, along with time and date display. Multiple shortcuts within the Home menu provide easy access to browsers, MS Office programs, Google Search, Dictionary Search, media players, system utilities, Windows accessories, etc. Similarly, The Weblinks Continue Reading →

Preview and Watch Videos in Google Search Results [Extension]

PreGBox is a Chrome extension that allows previewing videos from Google search. It adds a small button next to videos that appear within the search result which enables previewing the video without having to leave the search page or opening it in a new window or tab. Videos within the search result are supported from YouTube , Vimeo, Yahoo videos , DailyMotion , Tagtelt, etc.