6 Ways to Overcome Productivity Challenges of Remote Work

Productivity takes a back seat when people are given the leverage of remote working. For those seeking independence and flexibility in their work, remote working is definitely a dream come true. But, not everyone is blessed with favourable working circumstances at home.

Most people struggle with remote working and it is hard for them to stay productive because of many challenges. While in an office space, people are provided with a well equipped infrastructure; under remote working all those infrastructural facilities are gone.

Even for basic requirements like faxing, printing, scanning, phones, etc. employees face a constant struggle. As an employer, the focus must be to learn more productive tool and provide every form of infrastructural support to the employees.

As an employee, the focus must be at ensuring that one’s productivity and motivation towards work are always moving forward. Below are the ways in which productivity challenges can be overcome:

  • Infrastructural Support

Employees cannot be expected to have a full fledged working infrastructure at home. They can’t have a fax machine, printer, scanner, etc. The result often is that matters requiring a fax machine or high end printing and scanning are delayed, thus causing serious losses.

Instead, there should be a look out for online solutions. You can visit CocoFax to know how impeccable, prompt and convenient its online faxing services are. The application is a perfect solution to a lot of fax issues.

Sending and receiving faxes become so convenient with CocoFax. From word to PDF, any sort of document can be sent out as a fax. It ensures utter promptness in conduct and swift services. The highlight is, you also get a free fax number.

Business communication can face an evident bottleneck as a lot of communication is largely dependent upon infrastructure in office. But, by opting for remote and online services, businesses actually enhance their operational leverage of getting things done.

So, resort to online mechanisms of communication as that saves a lot of time and effort of the employees. Empowering the employees with the right platforms to keep performing their functions without delay is necessary for smooth business.

  • Developing a Routine

Though remote working enables us with flexibility, it is mostly taken advantage of. Creation and development of a routine is very important and something that is ignored in remote working. We take the flexibility for granted and go at our own pace with things, slowing down upon our work.

Sometimes, we spend the entire day with zero prioritization or getting anything done. Work life balance is often taken for a toss. Time is spent on futile activities and there is often extreme loss of productivity.

  • Dress Code

You do not have to work in your PJs or sleep clothes. The routine of shower on time, breakfast on time and wearing appropriate working clothes must be adhered to. The importance of looking good and dressing up for work cannot be understated.

When you look good, you perform well. Working remotely often puts shaving, bath hours and wearing formal clothes a far cry, so do yourself a favour and follow that routine. As a matter of fact, you don’t sleep in your formal clothes, then why should you work in your PJs?

  • Spice Up your routine

Working remotely can make your life seem monotonous. To curb the monotony, you can schedule some fun to your routine as you anyways curb on commuting hours and lunch banters.

You can use some downtime or short breaks to engage in lunch time yoga or use the morning hours to workout and craft a routine for yourself. This can indeed bring a positive change to your routine in order to stay productive at your work.

  • Build your Remote Work Space

Working from home should not be assumed as working from your bed. You can’t be productive in your bed or a place that makes you lethargic. In addition to making you compromise on your productivity, it can also give you body and posture issues.

You have to create your own work location. Make your work space look productive and make a proper seating arrangement. Your backbone must be supported and your table must be comfortable to work at. Your working might be flexible, but your body isn’t so posture should not be ignored.

  • Stick to your office/working hours

Having a routine is very essential, especially when working remotely. You are offered a leverage of timing your work, but if your work hours are too erratic, you might end up wasting time a lot on frivolous activities.

So, in order to ensure a proper work discipline, you must make sure that you log in to your system according to your general routine. Do not take undue advantage of resuming work late and ending work late. Sticking to your work timings will make you more productive.

  • Minimize Distractions

Distractions are a natural phenomenon when you are working remotely. You, therefore, have to plan your work routine in a manner so efficient that the distractions are avoided and essentially reduced to minimum.

For instance, even if you take a single peek at the social media, you would end up scrolling through the timeline for 1 hour straight. Therefore, you must understand your vulnerabilities and avoid succumbing to them.


Working remotely can actually bring about a very positive change to your life if you practice the above mentioned suggestions. Your time and life can become more productive. You can learn more productive tools as you visit CocoFax.

The dependency on office infrastructure can be a bottleneck. This can be avoided if you have remote working capabilities even with functions. It’s a blessing that we live in the times where features and functions are approachable even remotely.

So, overcome your productive challenges of remote working and convert them into an advantage by taking leverage of flexibility. If you move in the right direction, you can become all the more productive by virtue of remote working.