AEW Fight Forever: Leaked Details of Stadium Stampede Battle Royale Mode

Stadium Stampede AEW Fight Forever

An exciting leak has surfaced, hinting at the inclusion of a massive online multiplayer mode called Stadium Stampede in the upcoming AEW Fight Forever video game, building anticipation among wrestling fans.

Stadium Stampede in AEW Fight Forever: The Leak

Although Stadium Stampede is not initially available as a match type in AEW Fight Forever, data miner LynchReborn has uncovered references to this exciting stipulation. According to the leaked datamine, Stadium Stampede in AEW Fight Forever will feature a 30-person online battle royale format.

The leaked datamine provides additional details about the mode. Players can expect custom loadouts that can be saved, and the battle royale will take place in a vast empty arena. The objective is to be the last wrestler standing amidst a range of weapons and means of traversal, including golf carts and horses. To prevent spamming, weapons will break after three hits. Vending machines scattered throughout the arena will provide health points (HP), and exclusive items and abilities specific to the mode will be available.

It’s important to note that THQ Nordic or Yuke’s, the developers of the game, have not officially confirmed this information at the time of writing. The leaked review embargo also does not mention Stadium Stampede, as it is not included in review copies.

Battle Pass System Leak

In addition to Stadium Stampede, another leak suggests the introduction of a battle pass system in AEW Fight Forever. Similar to popular games like Fortnite, the battle pass will offer both a free and premium track for players to unlock cosmetics and other rewards.

This exciting addition adds depth to the game and provides further incentives for players to engage with the content. It’s worth noting that the battle pass and Stadium Stampede will not be available on the game’s launch day. Players can anticipate a future free update to bring these exciting features to AEW Fight Forever, although no specific release date has been provided.

As Yuke’s makes its return to the wrestling game market, fans can anticipate thrilling gameplay and the opportunity to engage in the zany world of AEW Fight Forever. Stay tuned for updates on the release of Stadium Stampede and prepare to unleash chaos within the virtual wrestling arena.