All 11 Playable Male Characters in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail’s diverse roster boasts captivating characters, but its male lineup deserves special attention. While smaller than their female counterparts, these 11 unique individuals offer a variety of playstyles and combat roles, making them valuable assets in any team composition.

All 11 Playable Male Characters in Honkai Star Rail

Argenti (5-star, Physical, Erudition)

A recent supernova in the Honkai Star Rail firmament, Argenti delivers devastating AoE attacks, making him a DPS powerhouse coveted by all.

Jing Yuan (5-star, Lightning, DPS)

A master of both single-target and AoE devastation, Jing Yuan’s Lightning attacks make him a versatile force on the battlefield. He shines as the primary DPS in any team composition

Blade (5-star, Wind, Sub-DPS)

Honkai Star Rail Male Characters
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This Wind element user excels at dealing AoE damage, making him a valuable sub-DPS. His low SP requirements make him incredibly flexible, fitting seamlessly into any team composition.

Luocha (5-star, Imaginary, Support)

The galaxy’s most dependable healer, Luocha’s nurturing presence keeps your team fighting fit, shining as a must-have support. He excels as a solo healer, but thrives with another strong support by his side.

Yanqing (5-star, Ice, DPS)

A chilling lieutenant, Yanqing specializes in freezing foes in their tracks, unleashing devastating single-target attacks with his potent ultimate.

Dan Heng (4-star, Wind, Hunt)

Don’t underestimate this free 4-star Wind character! His early availability and single-target prowess make him a great choice for fledgling teams.

Luka (4-star, Physical, N/A)

The galaxy’s boxing champion, Luka provides supplementary damage in well-rounded teams.

Sampo (4-star, Wind, Nihility)

Another Wind element specialist, Sampo focuses on increasing Damage Over Time on enemies. While he requires a strong DPS alongside him, his DoT contributions are invaluable.

Arlan (4-star, Lightning, DPS)

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This Lightning DPS is a decent early-game option, offering solid single-target damage. However, he becomes less relevant as you acquire stronger characters.

Gepard (5-star, Ice, Preservation)

While a 5-star, Gepard’s defensive capabilities aren’t quite on par with other characters in his tier. However, his ability to shield the team can still be valuable in specific situations.

Welt (5-star, Imaginary, Sub-DPS)

A master of debuffs, Welt weakens enemies for your team’s finishing blow, or can transition into a DoT support role.

Each male character in Honkai Star Rail brings more than just combat abilities. Their diverse personalities, motivations, and backstories add depth and intrigue to the game’s narrative. From Argenti’s stoic determination to Jing Yuan’s playful confidence, each character offers a unique perspective on the journey across the Aether Sea.

So, whether you’re looking for a devastating DPS, a dependable support, or a charming personality to add to your crew, Honkai Star Rail‘s male cast has something for everyone. With their diverse skills and captivating stories, these characters are sure to make your galactic voyage an unforgettable experience.