Arcane Odyssey Guide – Best magic combos to use

Arcane Odyssey Best magic combos

Knowing the best magic combos and how your magic types interact will give you a significant advantage over your opponents in Arcane Odyssey.

Arcane Odyssey Guide – Best magic combos to use

The best magic combos in Arcane Odyssey are as follows:

  • Ash and Explosion
  • Ice and Water
  • Lightning and Water
  • Metal and Magma

Ash and Explosion

The Petrified effect of Ash magic works brilliantly with the Charred effect of Explosion. Along with dealing 40% more damage to Petrified enemies, the Charred effect causes enemies to become instantly petrified by Ash magic.

Ice and Water

The Soaking effect of Water magic interacts with Ice magic to increase its damage by 25%. Furthermore, Ice magic’s Freezing effect increases Water magic damage by 30%. Third, when used on Soaked enemies, Ice magic causes them to freeze.

Lightning and Water

While Lightning’s enemy paralysis effect is usually limited to enemies with 33% or less HP, being soaked by Water magic negates this cost. So, not only will soaked enemies receive 25% more lighting damage, but you can also paralyze them as much as you want.

Metal and Magma

Metal and Magma both have attack-boosting effects, the Bleeding and Meltling effects, which increase the damage of their attacks by 20%.

That’s all there is to know about Arcane Odyssey’s best magic combos.

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