ARK Desmodus: How To Tame, Spawn Locations and Controls

ARK Desmodus: How To Tame, Spawn Locations and Controls

Ark Fjordur is a DLC expansion of the Studio Wildcard action-adventure survival game ARK Survival Evolved set in an open world environment. Introduced in this new update, ARK Desmodu is considered one of the best dinosaurs to conquer throughout the game. In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know about this ferocious flying creature, from spawn locations and controls to tips and tricks for tame it.

How to Tame ARK Desmodus

ARK Desmodus Cave

Taming a Desmodus is a simple but time-consuming and patience-testing task. Here is what we recommend you bring:

  • Harpoon Gun with Nets
  • Shotgun
  • Blood Packs (80 – 100)

The taming strategy is simple: aggro a Desmodus, run away, but let it pick you up and carry you around to begin the taming process.

  • Make sure there are no other Desmodus around to interrupt the process. Catch as much as you can on the net and kill the low level Desmodus first.
  • Then send in a Moschops with blood packets. Allowing the Desmodus to have its way with this sacrificial dino-lamb will keep the taming efficiency at 100%.
  • Even after feeding it a Moschops, your tame effect will be diminished, so take a break and let it play with Moschops for the next round before returning to complete the tame process.

Desmodus Spawn Locations

As recommended by Youtuber Raasclark, go to Latitude 39.1, Longitude 74.7N and start your search to find the waterfall. After passing the waterfall, there is a path that leads directly to the location of the Desmodro spawn in ARK. There are 5 to 6 Desmodros in this cave.

The 90 Latitude and 78 Longitude are the next coordinates you can look up. The massive cave opening is impossible to overlook.

You can also try looking for them at 50 Latitude and 14 Longitude N, which is on the shore. Additionally, there is a chance of seeing a few more monsters at this spot, so make sure you kill these first before attempting to capture Desmodus.

ARK Desmodus Controls

The basic controls of Desmodus are very similar to other flying monsters. You can use E to Mount/Dismount, Space to Take off/land and X to Brake.

You also have the standard movement keys, as well as the basic attack/primary fire with a left click. There are some additional controls that are unique to the Desmodus that should be noted:

  • Space – Attach yourself to a nearby ceiling or wall.
  • Left click (hold) – Emit a sound wave and then locate nearby monsters, which will be marked by red pulsing circles.
  • Right click (press) – You can use it to captures little monsters. Then, when in mid-air, use your left click to assault them.
  • Right-click (hold) – When you’re clinging to a wall or ceiling, this ability can make you invisible. You can do it while flying as well, but only at night.

Desmodus also has a unique crafting ability to create a Sanguine Elixir from 200 blood packs. If you’re reluctant to collect large amounts of blood, there’s great news. Desmodus will generate a blood pack each time it attacks a monster.

That’s all you need for this guide. Head to the spawn location and tame the Desmodas of the ARK Fjord. Good luck!