Baldur’s Gate 3: Launch Times, Preload, and Classes & Subclasses Guide

Baldur's Gate 3 Launch Times

The gates to Baldur’s Gate 3 are almost open as Larian Studios has revealed the upcoming launch times for the highly anticipated RPG on PC. But which class will you choose to adventure through this immersive Dungeons & Dragons world?

Baldur’s Gate 3: Launch Times and Platforms

For PC players, the long wait will finally come to an end on August 3. The game will launch at different times depending on your time zone and region. Meanwhile, PlayStation 5 players will have to wait a little longer, as the release is scheduled for September 6.

August 3

  • Los Angeles: 8 AM
  • New York: 11 AM
  • Quebec: 11 AM
  • Rio De Janeiro: 12 PM
  • Dublin: 4 PM
  • Gent: 5 PM
  • Kuala Lumpur: 11 PM

August 4

  • Tokyo: 12 AM
  • Sydney: 1 AM
  • Auckland: 3 AM

Baldur’s Gate 3: Preload and Save Transfers

While players eagerly anticipate Baldur’s Gate 3, they may wonder if preloading is an option to ensure they can start playing as soon as possible. However, as of now, there is no definitive information on whether preloading will be available. The Early Access version is still accessible, but it’s unclear whether it will assist with the main installation, as the full version is estimated to take up a substantial 150 GB of space.

Regarding save transfers, unfortunately, your Early Access save files will not carry over to the full version. Despite this, there is a silver lining for Early Access buyers and those who purchase the game before the release. They will receive a free upgrade to the Digital Deluxe Edition, adding extra value to their gaming experience.

Classes and Subclasses in Baldur’s Gate 3

The game features 12 classes and an impressive 46 subclasses, each offering unique skills, spells, and powers. The classes dictate distinct playing styles, while subclasses become accessible as players gain experience points (XP). Below is a list of the classes and their associated subclasses:

  • Barbarian – Berserker, Wildheart, Wild Magic
  • Bard – Lore, Valor, Swords
  • Cleric – Knowledge, Life, Light, Nature, Tempest, Trickery, War
  • Druid – Land, Moon, Spores
  • Fighter – Battle Master, Eldritch Knight, Champion
  • Monk – Open Hand, Shadow, Four Elements
  • Paladin – Ancients, Devotion, Vengeance, Oathbreaker
  • Ranger – Hunter, Beast Master, Gloom Stalker
  • Rogue – Arcane Trickster, Assassin, Thief
  • Sorcerer – Wild Magic, Draconic Bloodline, Storm Sorcery
  • Warlock – Archfey, The Fiend, The Great One
  • Wizard – Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Necromancy, Illusion, Transmutation

The game will also allow multiclassing from the beginning, giving players greater freedom to shape their characters by choosing levels in different classes as they progress. This system opens up a plethora of possibilities, adding depth and variety to character development.

Baldur’s Gate 3 promises an immersive RPG experience, allowing players to forge their destinies in the Forgotten Realms. With diverse classes, engaging subclasses, and a captivating storyline, players are in for an unforgettable adventure when the game launches on August 3.