Can You Save The Hackett Family in The Quarry?

The Quarry is a video game set in the late summer of upstate New York’s remote forests, where the teen counselors of Hackett’s Quarry have the camp to themselves for one final night. You, the player, will be in command of nine different teenagers. To complete The Quarry, you must find clues and evidence, solve the mysteries that the group is facing, and do your best to keep everyone alive as the stakes rise.

In addition to the nine counselors, the Hackett Family plays an important role in the game’s plot. While they are not playable characters, they may become characters to whom you become attached and wish to keep alive throughout the game. You’ll find everything you need to save the Hackett Family right here. For obvious reasons, spoilers for the game The Quarry are included below.

Can You Save The Hackett Family in The Quarry?


Unfortunately, no matter what you do, Kayle dies offscreen at the end of Chapter 5. But there’s some good news: she counts as a free kill if you’re attempting to get the Family Matters achievement for killing the entire Hackett family.


Save The Hackett Family Constance

In Chapter 9, there is a critical opportunity to save Constance. She’ll try to take Laura’s gun after you leave the basement. If you succeed, you will unintentionally blow off half of his head. She will be saved if you purposefully miss this quick time event. To keep it that way, follow the steps for the rest of the family.