Destiny 2 Pantheon Raid: How to Defeat The Caretaker Boss Encounter

The Vow of the Disciple raid returns in Destiny 2’s Pantheon, and this time, you’ll face a familiar foe: The Caretaker. Here’s a comprehensive guide to conquering the boss and emerging victorious in Destiny 2: Pantheon.

Destiny 2 Pantheon Raid: How to Defeat The Caretaker Boss Encounter

Dividing Your Fireteam

The key to defeating The Caretaker lies in efficient teamwork. Divide your six-person fireteam into duos, each with a distinct role:

Caretaker Duo

These guardians are the shield that protects your team. Their primary objective is to distract and stun The Caretaker. This involves baiting out his slam attack, exposing his weak points (face and back) for a crucial stun window. While one Guardian stuns the front, the other focuses on the back, maximizing the stun duration.

Runner Duo

This duo is responsible for activating the Obelisks, which ultimately allow you to damage The Caretaker. They’ll take turns venturing into symbol rooms scattered around the boss arena. Collect the inscribed symbols within, then return to the main chamber and shoot the corresponding symbols on the Obelisk.

Caretaker Destiny 2 Pantheon

Time is of the essence here, as a debuff called “Pervading Darkness” will slowly blind you. Communicate effectively, switching turns and calling out collected symbols to activate the Obelisk quickly. Be mindful of the enemies within the rooms and rely on your partner to open the doors when needed.

Add-Clear Duo

The final duo acts as your defensive backbone. They focus on eliminating the swarms of minor enemies that threaten to overwhelm your fireteam. Additionally, they stay vigilant for The Caretaker’s projectile attacks and shoot them down to prevent casualties.

A Three-Act Play

The encounter unfolds in three stages. Each stage requires collecting nine symbols to activate the Obelisk on that floor. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Distraction and Collection: The Caretaker duo stuns The Caretaker, creating a window for the Runner duo to enter the symbol rooms and collect the symbols.
  2. Activation and Damage: Once the Runner duo activates the Obelisk, the entire fireteam can stand on glowing platforms to unleash damage upon The Caretaker.
  3. Repeat and Adapt: Complete this cycle for all three Obelisks on different floors, adapting to any changes in enemy behavior.

After conquering the first three floors, you’ll enter the final phase. Here, all your firepower is focused on depleting The Caretaker’s health bar. Remember, you need to stand on the glowing platforms to deal damage. Failure to do so or letting the platform disappear before finishing him off will reset the encounter. So, unleash your deadliest weapons and claim victory!

By mastering these strategies and maintaining clear communication throughout the raid, you and your fireteam will vanquish The Caretaker and conquer the Pantheon raid in Destiny 2!