Destiny 2: Post-Witness Episodes Detailed – Release Dates, Content & More!

The fight may be over, but the Echoes remain. Gear up, Guardians! Destiny 2 Episodes arrive with new challenges, locations, and a chance to rewrite the future.

Destiny 2: Post-Witness Episodes Detailed – Release Dates, Content & More!

Three Episodes have been revealed, each a self-contained story thread exploring the ramifications of the Echoes, mysterious entities brimming with power and unforeseen consequences. Each Episode will unfold over 18 weeks, with the first one kicking off today!

Here’s a breakdown of what we know:

Echoes (Starts June 12th, 2024):

The first episode, Echoes, takes us back to a transformed Nessus. An Echo has landed, altering the planet and causing the Vex to behave in strange new ways. Guardians will need to team up with Failsafe once more to combat this evolving threat. The initial activity, “Brief Executable,” will be a three-player venture, with additional details about the complete Echoes experience yet to be revealed.

Destiny 2 Episodes
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Revenant (Starts October 15th, 2024):

With their homeworld lost, the Fallen turn their sights on an Awoken Watchtower, led by Fikrul who now wields the power of an Echo. Guardians will rise as Slayer Barons to push back this Fallen threat. Revenant also introduces a new gameplay element: Potion Crafting. These concoctions will empower player artifacts and potentially influence loot drops, adding a new layer of strategic depth.

Heresy (Starts February 18th, 2025):

Shrouded in mystery, Heresy centers around the High Pantheon and a brewing darkness of unknown origin. This enigmatic Episode will see Guardians venturing back to the Dreadnaught, facing the secrets held within.

This is just the beginning, Guardians! We’ll continue to update this guide with more information on each Episode as it becomes available. Stay tuned and prepare to face the challenges that lie ahead in Destiny 2‘s exciting new chapter!