FIFA 23 Beta, Early Access: release date & how to get a closed Beta code.

FIFA 23 Beta, Early Access: release date & how to get a closed Beta code

FIFA 23 Beta release date :

The leaked release date for the FIFA 23 closed beta is August 11. The date has not been confirmed by EA at the time of writing.

 FIFA 23 closed beta code release time  :

The leaked FIFA 23 closed beta code invitations release time is 10:00 PT, 13:00 ET, and 18:00 BST on August 10th.


FIFA 23 Early Access release date

FIFA 23 is set to release on Sept. 30, There is no official EA document that specifies Early Access information at this time. The specific dates the @FutSheriff has likely revealed are as follows:

  • EA Play Early Access Trial: Sept. 27
  • EA Play Pro Ultimate Edition Access (PC): Sept. 27
  • Ultimate Edition: Sept. 27
  • Standard Edition: Sept. 30

FIFA 23 Career Mode: Full List of Authentic Managers

EA has detailed FIFA 23’s Career Mode, which lets you play as a famous manager for the first time.

EA said in a detailed blog post :

“We’ve seen feedback from players wanting to play as some of their favourite managers, and we’re happy to say FIFA 23 enables you to play as one of the 350+ authentic football managers, of which 30+ have star heads, in Career Mode,”

In the manager career portion of Career Mode, you can use the likeness of a raft of famous managers from the Premier League :

  • JĂĽrgen Klopp
  • Pep Guardiola
  • Thomas Tuchel
  • Antonio Conte


Early reports suggest that : The first time , FIFA 23 is going to have crossplay between multiple platforms.

Tom Henderson, an insider who regularly shares leaks on upcoming releases, has revealed that crossplay is reportedly coming to FIFA 23 on PC, PS and Xbox.

Can you transfer FIFA 23 Beta codes?

The answer : No, you cannot transfer beta codes.

How to get a FIFA 23 Beta code ?

Last year, If you opted in to get EA emails and have been chosen to participate in the FIFA 22 Closed Beta, you were emailed a code to play.

How to opt into emails from EA

Opt into our emails for a chance to get invited to try the Beta. Go to your EA Account Email Preferences and check the box.

  • If you’ve changed your email address or no longer have access to the one you used to create your account, swap emails from one account to another.
  • If you can’t remember which email address you’re using for your EA Account, use this article for help finding it.
  • You can also add a secondary email address to your account. This helps you reset your password if you’re locked out of your EA Account and primary email address. You can find the Secondary Email section at the bottom of the Security tab