FIFA 23: What Do You Need to Know About the HyperMotion 2 Technology?

FIFA 23 is, for various reasons, a very special edition of this iconic game. For starters, it is the 30th iteration, and it is also going to be the last one of its kind. As the license agreement with FIFA is going to run out starting next year, there will be a big rebranding. The 31st edition will be named FC24, and there is little doubt that it’ll be as successful as 100 free spins no deposit Germany among players.

EA Sports kind of turned the world of football fans upside down when they introduced their HyperMotion game engine in last year’s FIFA edition. In FIFA 23, there will be an enhanced version of that game engine, which is called HyperMotion 2. But where are the improvements exactly, and what can players expect? To find that out, we took FIFA 23 for a little test ride.

11 vs 11 Full Match Capture Reloaded

FIFA 22 was an incredible hit, which becomes clear when one looks at the data. More than 9.7 billion matches have been played! With the first version of HyperMotion came something called full-match motion capture. FIFA 23 has more than 6,000 new animations compared to its predecessor. To gain access to this huge amount of data, men’s and women’s teams wore Xsens body suits, enabling developers to track every single move they made during a training session. Absolutely everything in FIFA 23 is, therefore, a first or one-of-a-kind.

Improved Running Styles

EA Sports developers did everything they could to make FIFA 23 as realistic as possible. As a matter of fact, they made the most realistic soccer game ever. In order to achieve that, they used a technology called AcceleRATE. It came with three new running styles, which are:

  • Controlled
  • Lengthy
  • Explosive

But those masterminds behind what became the best soccer game ever made didn’t forget to make sure that each football superstar will also have his or her own unique sprinting style in FIFA 23.

Women’s Soccer Reached a Whole New Level.

Probably the biggest impact of HyperMotion 2 can be felt when one chooses to play with a women’s team. Unique movements of women are so realistically displayed as never before. That can also be said for animations that are specifically designed for women’s bodies. What makes women’s soccer so unique is that for the first time, EA Sports didn’t make smaller and slower versions of a men’s team. Now, paces are adapted to female players, which also include body movements with or without ball possession.

More Realistic Reactions Due to Improved AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have been a part of FIFA before, but not like in FIFA 23. Similar to AI in online casinos in FIFA 23, machine learning will adapt to the style of each player. Those improvements are particularly spectacular when we are talking about goalkeeper’s behaviours. They are literally acting like real players, for example, when they are looking behind a defender who is blocking their view.

Enhanced Graphics and Details

Improved graphics are something players probably take for granted nowadays. With new technologies, better graphics can be displayed so far, so good. With FIFA 23, this is yet another field that has been taken to a whole new level. Fans are more detailed, the grass and the goal are crystal clear, etc. For the first time, this video game came so close to the real game that playing it looks exactly like watching football on TV.

Dribbling Becomes Technical

AI and machine learning also played a huge part in how players move around in FIFA 23 when they have the ball. Pay particularly close attention to how players move around with the ball when ML is activated. Their running speed and the distance from the ball to their feet, absolutely everything is so realistic that it becomes very difficult to see a difference between animated and real players. This new feature of HyperMotion 2 brings advantages to players with a high rating in dribbling, agility, and ball control in a way we have never seen before.

FIFA’s HyperMotion 2 Redefines Football Gaming

That leaves only one last question: is this last FIFA the best FIFA? We sure think so because HyperMotion 2 created a soccer simulation game on a whole new level. Programmers, developers, and every single person at EA worked very hard to make FIFA 23 a game we have never seen before. Furthermore, we believe that they even managed to create a game that won’t leave players getting bored after six months but keeps coming back and asking for more animated soccer action.