Fortnite 2024 Leaked Roadmap Hints at Marvel’s Fantastic Four, OG Chapter 2 Return, and More!

While Epic Games keeps its roadmap under wraps, a leak from 4chan might have just spilled the beans on what’s in store for the rest of 2024. Buckle up, because things are about to get apocalyptic, musical, and possibly a little bit swashbuckling.

Fortnite 2024: Leaked Roadmap Hints at Epic Collaborations and Nostalgic Returns

Apocalypse Awaits in Chapter 5 Season 3

Looks like Chapter 5 isn’t done shaking things up. The leak hints at an apocalyptic theme for Season 3, potentially following the destruction of the current map by the Greek Gods. Imagine battling it out in a desolate wasteland!

Upcoming Collaborations

The leaked roadmap suggests some epic collaborations are on the horizon. Get ready to rock out with in-game items or cosmetics tied to the legendary band Metallica. Ahoy, mateys! Pirates of the Caribbean might also be making a splash in Fortnite, bringing the swashbuckling spirit to the island.

Fortnite 2024 Roadmap
Image via @HYPEX

Midas Returns? A Blast from the Past with “Fortnite OG”

The leak throws a bone to long-time players with a section titled “Fortnite OG.” This cryptic section features imagery from the first three seasons of Chapter 2, a period that heavily influenced the game’s lore. With Midas, the charismatic (and possibly villainous) character, making a comeback in Chapter 5 Season 2, speculation is rife that he’ll play a key role in this potential “OG” experience.

Marvel Makes a Fantastic Return

The leak also suggests another exciting Marvel collaboration, this time featuring the iconic Fantastic Four. These superheroes haven’t graced the Fortnite island before, but their foes, Doctor Doom and Galactus, have made appearances during Fortnitemares events. Could this be their long-awaited introduction, or will the developers surprise us with a different twist?

Leaked Timeline


  • Apocalypse Season
  • Star Wars (LEGO & Battle Royale)
  • Billie Eilish in Fortnite Festival
  • Fall Guys collaboration
Image via Epic Games


  • Metallica (Battle Royale & Fortnite Festival)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Klombos in LEGO Fortnite


  • Fantastic 4 / Marvel season
  • Karol G. in Fortnite Festival


  • Fortnite OG Chapter 2
  • Snoop Dogg in Fortnite Festival


  • Chapter 5 end event


  • Fortnite Chapter 6 Season 1

Remember, this is a leak, and Epic Games hasn’t confirmed its validity. However, it offers a glimpse into what the future might hold for Fortnite and fuels the fire of player anticipation. Stay tuned for official announcements, and get ready for an action-packed year in Fortnite!