Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3: Star Date & Time, Post-Apocalyptic Theme, and Battle Pass!

Chapter 5 Season 2 is nearing its end, and whispers of the next season, aptly named Season 3, are swirling online. Here’s a breakdown of the rumored content headed your way:

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 Incoming: Sandstorm, Post-Apocalyptic Theme, and More!

Start Date & Time

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 officially launches on Friday, May 24th. As with every major update, the launch will come with a period of server downtime. According to the official Fortnite Creators X (formerly Twitter) account, servers will go offline at 2 AM ET / 7 AM BST / 8 AM CEST.

The downtime duration is yet to be confirmed by Epic Games, and it can vary between updates. However, considering this is a new season launch, expect a longer wait than usual.

A Monumental POI Makes a Splash

The biggest leak comes from none other than Hypex, the Fortnite leak king. According to Hypex, a colossal new Point of Interest (POI) called the “Sharkbait Ship” is on the horizon. This behemoth could potentially be the largest POI on the entire map, though its exact location remains a mystery. However, considering the rumored sandstorm theme, it might be best to keep your eyes peeled on the edges of the island.

Hello Sandstorm Surprise

While traditional end-of-season events seem to be a thing of the past, Fortnite is prepping a unique in-game mini-event to usher in Season 3. The mighty Mount Olympus will take center stage, with its statue undergoing a three-day transformation that culminates in its sword shifting position. This, in turn, triggers a burst of lightning from Pandora’s Box, setting the stage for the approaching sandstorm.

fortnite chapter 5 season 3

This environmental shift perfectly aligns with the rumored post-apocalyptic theme for Season 3. Leaks even suggest a potential collaboration with the “Mad Max” franchise, possibly coinciding with the release of the “Furiosa” movie.

Brace for a Sandy Wasteland

Expect the Fortnite map to undergo a dramatic makeover. The sandstorm’s arrival is expected to bury most of the familiar landscape under a sandy expanse. Epic Games will likely leverage this new setting to introduce post-apocalyptic themed outfits alongside the usual arsenal of new weapons and items.

Beyond the Sandstorm: UI Tweaks and More

Season 3 might bring some welcome improvements to the in-game store. Leaks suggest individual item timers, making it easier to track shop rotations. New weapons and gameplay mechanics are also a possibility, though specifics remain under wraps.

Battle Pass Bling with Dazzling Skins

No Fortnite season is complete without a fresh batch of cosmetics, and Season 3 appears to be no exception. Hypex has once again graced us with potential leaks, hinting at a treasure trove of exciting skins that might be included in the upcoming Battle Pass. Here are some of the rumored contenders:

  • Blue Haired Girl
  • Fallout collaboration skins
  • Marvel collaboration skins
  • Nitro Carrot
  • Red Helmet biker
  • Remix Dummy
  • Skull Mask

With just a handful of days left until the season kicks off, expect the hype to intensify. Epic Games is known for dropping teasers in the final days leading up to a new season, so keep your eyes peeled for cryptic clues potentially arriving as early as Tuesday.