Fortnite Leak Hints at Heavy Sniper Rifle to Counter Supercharged Cars

The days of dominating the island with your tricked-out car might be numbered. Leaks suggest a powerful new weapon is coming that can turn the tables on the buffed vehicles.

Fortnite Leak Hints at Heavy Sniper Rifle to Counter Supercharged Cars

Season 3 kicked off with a surprise for Fortnite players: cars are tougher than ever. Epic Games doubled their health points, making them much harder to destroy. This buff, along with the addition of vehicle mods, has led to a car-centric meta that some players find frustrating.

The Heavy Sniper Rifle: A Vehicle’s Worst Nightmare

Thankfully, a potential solution might be on the horizon. Hypex, a well-known Fortnite leaker, revealed a list of upcoming weapons, including the fan-favorite Heavy Sniper Rifle. Here’s the exciting part: this new sniper will pack a triple damage punch against vehicles.

Fortnite Sniper Rifle

The Heavy Sniper Rifle is known for its devastating power, and this buffed version is expected to deal a whopping 400 damage to vehicles per shot. This means a small car could be eliminated in just four shots, while a medium car would require five.

The news gets even better for those aiming to take down the car reign. The Heavy Sniper Rifle can be combined with other anti-vehicle options like the Nitro Fists and the Boom Bolt for even more destructive potential.

When Can We Expect This Powerhouse?

The release date for the Heavy Sniper Rifle remains under wraps, but leaks suggest it will arrive sometime in June. This isn’t the only weapon joining the fight. The Combat AR and Minigun are also rumored to be making a comeback, offering more options to take down those metal menaces.

This is exciting news for players who prefer a more balanced gameplay experience. With the Heavy Sniper Rifle on the horizon, Fortnite might be heading towards a more strategic and diverse weapon meta.