Fortnite x Pirates of the Caribbean: Release Date, Leaks, and What to Expect

Move over, Mad Max! Fortnite appears to be charting a course for the high seas with a rumored collaboration with the swashbuckling Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Here’s what we’ve been able to glean from the treasure trove of leaks and rumors:

Fortnite Sets Sail for a Pirates of the Caribbean Crossover This July

The Fortnite x Pirates of the Caribbean event sets sail on Friday, July 19th, 2024. This date is confirmed thanks to the early release of the Cursed Sails pass, which grants players access to the coveted Jack Sparrow skin. While you could snag the pass early, don’t fret if you haven’t started progressing through it yet. You’ll have to wait until the official launch to unlock those sweet piratey rewards.

Release Date

Leaks and rumors point to a possible arrival of Captain Jack Sparrow and related content in July 2024. This lines up with the leaked roadmap and the recent addition of Flintlock Pistols, Treasure Maps, and hints of Pirate Cannons in the current season, all suggesting a swashbuckling theme brewing on the horizon.

What to Expect

The most anticipated booty, of course, is Captain Jack Sparrow himself as a playable character skin. We might also see outfits based on other iconic characters from the franchise, like Elizabeth Swann or Will Turner.

Fortnite Pirates Caribbean
Image via @HYPEX

Beyond characters, get ready to plunder some pirate-themed loot! Dataminers have uncovered hints at the return of the Treasure Map and Pirate Cannon items. There’s also speculation about new pirate-themed locations and game modes that could completely transform the Fortnite experience into a high-seas adventure.

One thing’s for certain: with the popularity of both Fortnite and Pirates of the Caribbean, this collaboration has the potential to be a real treasure. Whether you’re a seasoned Fortnite veteran or a newcomer lured in by the call of the Black Pearl, this swashbuckling adventure promises to be epic. So, keep your eyes peeled on the horizon, mateys, and get ready to set sail for a Fortnite experience unlike any other!