Frieza – The Evil Emperor of the Universe Dokkan Event Guide


  • 4 Dragon Stones. One for completing each stage
  • The event Specific Dokkan medal 
CharacterRarityHPATKDEFLeader SkillPassive Skill

Frieza 1st Form – Inescapable Malice
SR > SSR6,7726,1142,845INT Type HP, ATK & DEF +20%Tyrant – High chance of ATK +53%
VVVDokkan AwakenVVV
Frieza Final Form – Ruinous RuleSSR > UR7,0516,8703,882INT Type HP, ATK & DEF +30%High probability of ATK +70%


StageBossDifficultyStamUnit XPRank XPZeniDrops
Fear Beyond DeathNormal105,0001,5005,200
Fear Beyond DeathHard1515,0004,00010,000
Fear Beyond Death1st Battle:

2nd Battle:

Full-Power Final Battle1st Battle:

2nd Battle:

3rd Battle:


Extra info and tips:

  • On Full-Power Final Battle Frieza has a Super Attack that hits for massive damage (around 250k+). Once he finished his countdown he releases the SA
  • Super Saiyan Goku – Pinnacle of Rage and Nail – Namekian Pride both have skills to block Friezes KO Super Attack and leave you with 1 HP
  • You will also find that in most cases you can’t change the order of your 3 attackers from Friezes Coercion skill. You can use a status effect removing support item to be able to move them for that turn (such as Sensu Beans, 100% heal Dende and Korin’s Herb Blend)
  • Full-Power Final Battle is for more experienced players that have had the luck of getting good cards so don’t be upset if you can’t beat it.
  • Take in UR stunners, defense tanks, and nukers for the best chance of beating 40 stam Frieza in the limited time you have.
  • Go to the right cloud on Full-Power Final Battle to jump to the left path.
  • Once Frieza hits his last bar of health you have to take him down with a Super Attack


Using tank cards

Using free to play cards with no Dragon Stones