Genshin Impact 4.2 Tier List: The Best Characters to Bring to Your Team

Genshin Impact 4.2 Tier List
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Genshin Impact is a game that’s constantly evolving, and the tier list can change as new characters are introduced and new strategies are discovered. However, if you’re looking for a general overview of the best characters to use in Genshin Impact 4.2, this tier list can be a helpful starting point.

Genshin Impact 4.2 Tier List: The Best Characters to Bring to Your Team


Name Role Notes
Alhaitham Main DPS Shines in Quicken teams.
Baizhu Healer Best choice for Bloom-based teams.
Bennett Support/Healer C1 improves him drastically but is not required.
Fischl Sub-DPS C6 improves her drastically.
Furina Sub-DPS/Support/Healer Requires a healer that can top the whole party. Otherwise she’s straight-up busted.
Ganyu Main DPS Positioning is essential, but huge damage regardless.
Kaedehara Kazuha Support/Sub-DPS One of the few sources of Elemental DMG% buffs.
Kamisato Ayaka Main DPS Main damage comes from the Burst, so don’t miss it!
Kuki Shinobu Support/Healer The best Hyperbloom character while also healing the whole team.
Lyney Main DPS Requires a Mono-Pyro team to shine.
Nahida Support/Sub-DPS Best Dendro application in the game with huge personal damage/buffs.
Neuvillette Main DPS Access to Arkhe and huge damage with HP scaling.
Nilou Support Best Bloom character, but requires specific teams.
Raiden Shogun Main DPS/Sub-DPS/Support Extremely versatile and consistently great in every role she’s in.
Sangonomiya Kokomi Healer/Sub-DPS Battle healer, great Hydro application.
Shenhe Support/Sub-DPS Best support for every Cryo.
Sucrose Support Incredible for reaction-based teams.
Tartaglia Main DPS Amazing against many targets, but requires proper rotation.
Wanderer Main DPS Requires some heavy support but otherwise amazingly strong.
Xiangling Sub-DPS Best Pyro application in the game, huge damage and no ICD.
Xingqiu Sub-DPS Incredible Hydro application and damage.
Yelan Sub-DPS Similar to Xingqiu, but with HP scaling and more damage/buffs to the team.
Zhongli Support It’s the best shield in the game while debuffing enemies


Name Role Notes
Albedo Sub-DPS Versatile sub-DPS for almost everyone. Gets a huge value with his Event weapon.
Arataki Itto Main DPS Shines in Mono-Geo teams.
Cyno Main DPS Improves significantly with Baizhu as his healer/support.
Eula Main DPS Huge damage potential with Burst. Physical is amazing against human-like enemies, but weaker against everything else.
Faruzan Support/Sub-DPS Anemo-focused support. Improves drastically with C6.
Hu Tao Main DPS Requires heavy support, C1 and signature weapon improve her drastically but she’s great without them.
Jean Healer Ideal healer for Furina, can top the whole team.
Kamisato Ayato Main DPS Jack-of-all-trades Hydro. Rarely the best option but always one of the strongest.
Kaveh Support Driver for Bloom teams with or without Nilou.
Keqing Main DPS Requires Quicken. Consistent Electro damage and good against many targets.
Kujou Sara Support/Sub-DPS Electro-focused support. Improves drastically with C6.
Layla Support Permanent shield with good Cryo application.
Mona Support DMG% increase and huge Hydro application.
Traveler (Dendro) Sub-DPS/Support Great F2P Dendro applier if you don’t wanna build Collei.
Tighnari Main DPS/Sub-DPS Amazingly strong in quickswap teams with Electro characters like Yae.
Venti Support/Sub-DPS Gathers enemies like no one, generates tons of energy while dealing unexpectedly high damage.
Wriothesley Main DPS Amazing for Melt teams, good Burst damage.
Xiao Main DPS Requires shield, damage increases as his Burst is activated.
Yae Miko Sub-DPS Low on-field time required, improves greatly with Quicken.
Yoimiya Main DPS Great as a boss killer.


Name Role Notes
Beidou Sub-DPS One of the strongest Burst multipliers in the game, especially with Constellations.
Charlotte Healer Constant teamwide healing, DoT Cryo application.
Collei Sub-DPS Good alternative to Dendro Traveler.
Diluc Main DPS Great for Melt/Vaporize. Scales well with Constellations.
Diona Healer Great Cryo battery, good protection with shields and heals.
Freminet Main DPS Surprisingly strong for a 4-star, but requires investment.
Gorou Support Geo-focused support. Heals a bit on C4. Almost mandatory on Itto teams.
Klee Main DPS Clunky to use but quite powerful.
Mika Support/Healer ATK SPD/Physical DMG buffer while also healing.
Rosaria Sub-DPS Nice off-field Cryo dmg. Generates decent energy.
Sayu Healer Budget Jean, also has EM scaling.
Shikanoin Heizou Main DPS Great for reaction-based teams. Feels good to play.
Traveler (Geo) Support Team-wide Critical buffs, decent with other Geo characters.
Yanfei Main DPS Very similar to Klee and easier to play, but lower damage.
Yaoyao Healer Decent Dendro application, teamwide heal.
Yun Jin Support Normal ATK buffer, value goes up in certain teams.


Name Role Notes
Aloy Main DPS/Sub-DPS Decent as quickswap Burst support, but not as great as the main DPS.
Amber Sub-DPS/Support Powerful Burst, has a taunt on bunny.
Barbara Healer
Extremely powerful heals, but no significant buffs and inflicts team with Hydro, which can be detrimental at times.
Candace Support/Sub-DPS Can make some niche teams with infusion on Burst.
Chongyun Support/Main-DPS Powerful Burst, has infusion on his skill.
Dehya Support/Sub-DPS Redirects damage to herself while dealing some decent punches.
Dori Healer/Support Energy battery with decent healing.
Kaeya Support/Sub-DPS Okay off-field Cryo application, but not a lot of damage.
Kirara Support Good shield with ok Dendro application.
Lisa Sub-DPS Requires a ton of on-field time without Constellations for maximum damage.
Lynette Support Good for Swirl with decent damage.
Ningguang Main DPS Requires some good investment, useful as Burst support.
Noelle Healer/Sub-DPS Requires a lot of field time for healing, but has some good shields.
Qiqi Healer
Huge heals, powerful C6. Unfortunately, has almost no particle generation, buffs or Cryo applications.
Razor Main DPS Requires a lot of field time. Can be great on niche Quicken-Hyperbloom teams.
Thoma Support Ok shields, shines best as Burgeon driver.
Traveler (Anemo) Support Hard to use the skill effectively, Burst can be ok though.
Traveler (Hydro) Sub-DPS Low damage, but ok application.
Traveler (Electro) Support/Sub-DPS
Electro battery, but not the best one. Burst is similar to Xingqiu but with lower damage.
Xinyan Support/Main DPS
Cannot be built as Shielder and Burst support at once without compromising one of the two roles. Actually decent when it focuses on one, though.

In Genshin Impact, choosing the right characters for your team is crucial for success. While the tier list provides a general guideline of the most powerful characters, it’s important to remember that individual playstyles and team compositions can also greatly impact your gameplay experience. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different characters and find the ones that best suit your preferred playstyle. Good luck in your adventures in Genshin Impact with your carefully crafted team!