Genshin Impact 4.5 Tier List: Who Rules the Current Meta?

The Genshin Impact meta is constantly evolving, and with version 4.5 upon us, it’s time to revisit the character landscape. This tier list will help you understand which characters are currently dominating the game and guide you on who to invest your resources in.

Genshin Impact 4.5 Tier List

Tier Character
SS Ayaka, Nahida, Hu Tao, Raiden Shogun, Bennett, Xiangling, Furina, Ganyu, Zhongli, Yae Miko, Yelan, Kazuha
S Baizhu, Ayato, Eula, Navia, Tartaglia, Itto, Mona, Alhaitham, Kuki Shinobu, Kokomi, Keqing, Neuvillette, Xiao, Venti, Klee, Albedo, Chevreuse, Xianyun
A Fischl, Barbara, Wriothesley, Rosaria, Diluc, Cyno, Tighnari, Kirara, Yanfei, Charlotte, Chiori, Kaveh, Wanderer, Thoma, Yoimiya, Jean, Razor, Yaoyao
B Sucrose, Kujou Sara, Chongyun, Candace, Shenhe, Yun Jin, Sayu, Diona, Heizou, Xinyan, Lyney, Gorou, Nilou, Xingqiu
C Beidou, Aloy, Noelle, Traveler, Faruzan, Lynette, Lisa, Qiqi, Ningguang, Gaming, Kaeya, Dori, Collei, Layla
D Amber, Dehya

Top Tier Breakdown


Genshin Impact 4.5 Tier List

Living up to the hype, Ayaka is a Cryo powerhouse. She excels in the DPS role, triggering devastating Melt reactions with Pyro allies. But she’s flexible too, performing admirably as a sub-DPS as well.


Imagine a Hydro Bennett. That’s Furina. Her powerful healing and party-wide damage buffs make her a game-changer, opening up new team compositions and conquering even the toughest challenges.


Renowned for his indestructible Jade Shield, Zhongli frees your DPS characters to unleash their full potential without dodging worries. Focus on maximizing his defensive capabilities with our Zhongli build guide.


The first Inazuma character stole hearts with his versatility. This Anemo Sword user deals impressive damage solo, but truly shines when enabling elemental reactions within your team. Build him right, and watch the damage soar!

Hu Tao

This fiery Polearm user is a high-risk, high-reward character. Her strength scales with lower health, making her a master of controlled chaos. Mastering Hu Tao grants access to some of the highest DPS ceilings in Genshin Impact.

Remember, tier lists are a guideline, not gospel. The “best” characters depend on your playstyle, team composition, and the challenges you face. But these standouts are undeniably powerful options in the current Genshin Impact meta.