Genshin Impact 4.8 Leaks: Zhongli and Xiao Among Skins in the Works?

Travelers, brace yourselves for a fashion revolution in Teyvat! Leaks have been swirling the Genshin Impact community with promises of dazzling new character skins, and Zhongli and Xiao might be on the VIP list.

Genshin Impact 4.8 Leaks: Zhongli and Xiao Among Skins in the Works?

Whispers from @Little_Teyvat suggest HoYoverse is crafting at least six stunning outfits, with two potentially reserved for our beloved Geo Archon and Yaksh, Zhongli and Xiao. While the leaker remains tight-lipped about the release date, rumors hint at a possible delay from the initial plans. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time whispers of Zhongli’s sartorial upgrade have graced the wind, but only time will tell if we’ll finally see him in a fresh look.

Xiao and Zhongli skins are in production
byu/ukrisreng inGenshin_Impact_Leaks

Another leak, brought to us by @Maltose371027, throws fuel on the fashion fire. They claim HoYoverse will unveil three exquisite skins in Version 4.8, slated for July 17, 2023. Two are said to adorn the lovely ladies of Teyvat, while the third one will grace a dashing male character. Sadly, the leaker keeps the names under lock and key, leaving us to speculate and dream.

4.8 three new skins via Maltose
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Historically, Version 4.8 marks the last pit stop before a new nation emerges. It’s also traditionally when we embark on exciting adventures in a new event-exclusive map. HoYoverse, known for their sartorial generosity during such occasions, usually grants two outfits as event rewards.

Therefore, with leaks from both Little_Teyvat and Maltose whispering promises of new threads, it’s not unreasonable to hope that Zhongli or Xiao might be sporting a fresh look come Version 4.8. Perhaps one of the two male-oriented skins mentioned by @Maltose could be their grand debut?

While these leaks tantalize with exciting possibilities, it’s still early to shout “Fashion Teyvat, here we come!” July 17th feels an eternity away, and HoYoverse is notorious for keeping their fashion secrets close to their chests.

So, Travelers, let’s keep our eyes peeled for official announcements from HoYoVerse and prepare to marvel at the sartorial splendor that awaits. Whether it’s Zhongli’s long-awaited debut or a surprise new face, one thing’s certain: Teyvat’s fashion scene is about to get a whole lot hotter!