Genshin Impact Guide – Where to find Antiquity Hunt Relic?

Antiquity Hunt Relic

The Antiquity Hunt Relic locations in Genshin Impact can be difficult to find, but this helpful guide will point you in the right direction.

Genshin Impact Guide – Where to find Antiquity Hunt Relic?

Genshin Impact features 4 separate hunts, each of which can net you a handful of Primogems and other materials. As more hunts become available, we will add them to this article.

Antiquity Hunt: Part I

  • Location: Devantaka Mountain

There are two relics in this area. Jump down the waterfall and place your compass just a few steps away. When facing the waterfall, the first relic can be found next to some rocks on your right. Put the compass somewhere you can find it. If you go too far, some Electro Fungi will attack and begin interfering with your compass. Remove them to restore normalcy and narrow down the location of the relic.

The second artifact is guarded by some Electro Crystals; if you get too close, you’ll have to blow them up with a Pyro character. The relic is just past them, near the fishing spot and some Nilotpala Lotuses.Place your compass so that you can find it.

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