Hades 2 Guide: How to Defeat Scylla and the Sirens

The thrilling chaos of Hades 2 throws you into a musical battle against Scylla and her band of Sirens. Don’t let the three-on-one intimidate you! This guide will equip you with the knowledge to overcome this challenging encounter.

Hades 2 Guide: How to Defeat Scylla and the Sirens

Your duel with the Sirens unfolds across three distinct phases, each demanding a shift in tactics. Here’s a breakdown of their attacks and how to counter them:

Phase 1: A Symphony of Attacks

The battle opens with all three Sirens in play. While their combined abilities might seem overwhelming, focus on learning their patterns to avoid their wrath.

  • Scylla: This monstrous siren boasts a powerful close-range area attack. Maintain your distance and dodge when she winds up for the blow. Additionally, she throws waves of orbs and delivers swift melee attacks. Listen for audio cues to anticipate her melee strikes and dodge accordingly.
  • Jetty: The agile one of the group, Jetty will dash at you, leaving a growing ring in her wake. Dodge into this ring or maintain distance to avoid being caught. She also throws rapid air projectiles that can consume you, so stay alert and keep moving. Similar to Scylla, Jetty possesses a quick melee attack that requires a timely dodge.
  • Roxy: The drummer, Roxy, unleashes a devastating series of area attacks that sweep across the map. Don’t despair! Gaps at the bottom of the arena offer safe haven, or a well-timed dash can get you through the onslaught.

Scylla hades 2

Phase 2: Shielded and Empowered

Once sufficiently damaged, the Sirens will enter shield mode. Now, the focus shifts to one empowered Siren:

  • Scylla: She summons large, slow-moving projectiles. Maintain your focus on dodging while dealing damage.
  • Roxy: Prepare for a field-covering attack, excluding her own space. She also becomes more aggressive, with larger and more damaging rings.

Phase 3: A Final Showdown

The final phase pits you against Scylla alone, but don’t underestimate her single-legged fury. She’ll ramp up the aggression and summon piranha-like enemies from Oceanus. While continuous avoidance is impossible, prioritize taking Scylla down quickly while dodging the piranhas.


Defeating Scylla and the Sirens is no small feat, but the rewards are worth it. You’ll be granted the Pearl, a valuable resource for weapon upgrades and incantations, along with access to the next region in your Underworld journey.

Remember: Practice dodging and learn each Siren’s attack patterns. Prioritize taking down Roxy first due to her powerful AoE attack. With focus and perseverance, you’ll conquer this challenging encounter and continue your epic adventure in Hades 2.