HEIR OF LIGHT Eclipse Servant Tier List for September 2023 – Build Your Ultimate Team

HEIR OF LIGHT Eclipse Servant Tier List
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Choosing the perfect Servants can feel overwhelming in HEIR OF LIGHT Eclipse, especially for newcomers just beginning their adventure. To simplify your path, we’ve crafted the HEIR OF LIGHT Eclipse Servant Tier List for September 2023, aiding you in forming the ultimate dream team.

HEIR OF LIGHT Eclipse Servant Tier List for September 2023

In HEIR OF LIGHT Eclipse, Servants are categorized into three tiers: S, A, and B. This tier list is designed to assist beginners in selecting the most suitable Servants for their team. Let’s take a look at the standout Servants in each tier:

Tier Morning Star Dark Blood Purifier Dominator Protector Immortal
S Lightless, Heylet, Ophelia & Bastille, Celestial, Spins,  Nuu Ignis, Blavatsky, Letum Heide, Heylet, Lenore, Teresia, Hopkins,  Ella, Mist, Nua Rem, Bjorn, Sinistra, Gottorp, Scar, Broken Wings, Sphinx, Xita, Grisette Mary, Koume, Mildred, Miya, Rhamaan, Skadi, Midge, Eir Ankou, Laura,  Caesar, Christine,  Carmilla, Belladonnas, Simone, Hern
A Ishmael, Dorrit, Flynn Witchcap, Fungus, Monolith, Dunkelhund Saighead, Sirucus, Nutkin Fagin, Gretel,  Marat
B Mounted, Lancer, Griselda Fencer, Griselda Ragamuffin Raider, Ragamuffin Bowman Sugarplum, Ashinov Iyagagak, Spriggan

Now, let’s delve into some of the standout Servants in HEIR OF LIGHT Eclipse for September 2023:

Best Meta Servants

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Dark Blood Servants – Ignis

Ignis harnesses the power of black magic, making her a formidable adversary. With a Battle Point exceeding 550k, she possesses immense magical abilities and devastating damage-dealing skills.

Dominator Servants – Grisette

Despite her cute appearance, Grisette is a force to be reckoned with. With a Battle Point exceeding 555k, she excels in both ATK and DEF stats, making her a valuable asset on the frontlines.

Immortal Servants – Hern

Hern is a formidable frontline attacker who relies on their physical prowess. With a Battle Point of 552k, Hern possesses brutal combat skills that can quickly turn the tide of battle.

Morning Star Servants – Nuu

With her exceptional sword skills and the highest Battle Point in the game, Nuu is a formidable frontline attacker. Her versatility and ranged abilities make her an outstanding choice for any team.

Protector Servants – Midge

Midge specializes in providing support from the backline. With a Battle Point of 554k and high DEF stats, she protects her teammates while aiding in their victories.

Purifier Servants – Ella

Ella combines defensive capabilities with powerful ATK abilities. Armed with her weapon, she can quickly dispatch enemies. With a Battle Point of over 540k, Ella is a reliable choice for any team.

By utilizing this tier list, players can make informed decisions and progress more smoothly in the game. Choose your Servants wisely, and may victory be yours in the world of HEIR OF LIGHT Eclipse.