Honkai: Star Rail Robin & Boothill: Release Date, Abilities, Animations & More

Are you hyped for the arrival of Robin and Boothill in Honkai Star Rail? This guide delves into everything we know about these upcoming characters, from their celestial voices to their stellar abilities and potential team synergies.

Honkai: Star Rail Robin

Robin is a forthcoming playable character in Honkai: Star Rail. Hailing from the planet Penacony, she’s a mesmerizing Halovian singer whose fame transcends galaxies. Known for her graceful demeanor, Robin returns home upon invitation from The Family to enthrall audiences with her melodies at the Charmony Festival.

Honkai Star Rail Robin
Image via HoYoverse

When Can We Expect Robin?

While Robin hasn’t graced the Astral Express yet, anticipation is high! Her official drip marketing began on March 12, 2024, hinting at her arrival in the upcoming version 2.1 update. This update, expected in early April 2024, will introduce SU World 9 and a wave of new achievements.

Playstyle and Abilities

In Honkai: Star Rail, Robin shines as a support character. Her skillset boasts a unique Critical DMG boost for allies that scales with her own Speed. Additionally, Robin possesses a self-healing ability that activates when her HP dips below a certain point, ensuring her survival in the heat of battle.

Here’s a breakdown of Robin’s abilities:

  • Basic Attack: A single-target physical attack.
  • Skill (Pinion’s Aria) : Unleashes a melody that empowers the entire party, increasing their damage dealt by a staggering 50% for a set number of turns.
  • Ultimate (Vox Harmonique): Upon activation, Robin enters a special state called Concerto, granting a hefty 22.8% ATK boost to all teammates, further amplified by an additional 200 points based on her own ATK stat. Additionally, whenever a party member attacks, Robin unleashes a devastating follow-up Physical attack with a guaranteed critical hit (up to 150% CRIT DMG). To top it off, Robin gains immunity to crowd control effects during Concerto.
  • Talent 1: Enhances your entire team’s CRIT DMG by 20%. Additionally, it fuels Robin’s support capabilities by generating Energy whenever a party member attacks.
  • Talent 2 (Sequential Passage): Heals Robin when her HP falls below 50%.
  • Technique: Grants teammates a Critical DMG increase (based on her own) and a Speed boost.


Thanks to a leak by Dimbreath, we can now feast our eyes on Robin’s combat animations! Her basic attack sees her unleashing a barrage of musical notes at enemies using her staff. When unleashing her ultimate, she enters the “Concerto” state and serenades foes with her powerful singing voice. It’s speculated that this ultimate song will persist throughout the entire round.

Image via Dimbreath


Leaks suggest Robin’s Eidolon enhancements significantly amplify her supportive capabilities. As she applies more buffs, her Eidolon is said to provide even greater benefits to the team, potentially including additional buffs even when she’s disabled. While details on specific Eidolon effects remain under wraps, we’ll keep you updated as more information surfaces.

Voice Casts

  • Chinese: Qian Chen
  • Japanese: Nazuka Kaori
  • English: Alice Himora
  • Korean: Shin Onyu

Honkai: Star Rail Boothill

Boothill isn’t your average spacefarer. He’s a member of the Galaxy Rangers, a fearless law enforcer with unwavering optimism and a taste for flamboyant style. Fueled by a burning desire for justice, Boothill relentlessly pursues those who’ve wronged him, making him a formidable force in the cosmos.

Image via HoYoverse

When Does Boothill Arrive?

Based on leaks and official reveals, Boothill is expected to ride into Honkai Star Rail on May 7, 2024.


Boothill’s a five-star physical damage dealer who specializes in “The Hunt” path. He thrives on Break Effects and can exploit enemy weaknesses with his Ultimate and Technique. Here’s a quick rundown of his kit:

  • Basic Attack (Skullcrush Spurs): Deals a solid amount of Physical damage to a single enemy. Shoot distance: 15 meters.
  • Enhanced Basic Attack (Fanning the Hammer): Unloads a flurry of bullets, dealing 90% of Boothill’s attack. Gains additional hits for each stack of Pocket Trickshot.
  • Skill (Sizzlin’ Tango):  Boothill challenges an enemy to a “Standoff” for two turns. During Standoff, both Boothill and the enemy deal and receive increased damage. Boothill’s basic attack becomes Fanning the Hammer, allowing him to dish out serious punishment. However, he can’t use his Skill again until Standoff ends.
  • Ultimate (Dust Devil’s Sunset Rodeo): Boothill unleashes a devastating attack with a high chance of inflicting “Physical Weakness” on the enemy, making them more susceptible to damage. He also deals heavy Physical damage and delays their turn.
  • Talent (Five Peas in a Pod): When Boothill defeats or breaks an enemy in Standoff, he gains a stack of “Pocket Trickshot,” increasing his damage potential. He can hold up to three stacks. Additionally, while using Fanning the Hammer, Boothill deals bonus Break damage to enemies based on his Pocket Trickshot stacks and their Toughness.
  • Technique (3-9x Smile): When he uses his Skill for the first time, there’s a high chance of inflicting Physical Weakness on the enemy.


Boothill’s Eidolon enhancements will likely amplify his damage output and provide additional buffs. However, specific details remain under wraps for now.

Voice Casts

  • Chinese: Peng Bo
  • Japanese: Konishi Katsuyuki
  • English: Andrew Russell
  • Korean: Kim Dan

With Robin’s enchanting melodies and Boothill’s fiery spirit, Honkai Star Rail‘s character roster is poised to expand significantly. The arrival of version 2.1 and 2.2 promises exciting character introductions, new areas to explore, and captivating challenges to overcome. Are you ready to embark on this celestial adventure with these unique Trailblazers by your side?