How to Complete the Woeful Wednesday Challenge in BitLife

Woeful Wednesday Challenge BitLife

The Woeful Wednesday Challenge, a new BitLife challenge, has arrived. Read on if you want to know how to complete this challenge.

BitLife Guide – How to complete the Woeful Wednesday Challenge

This challenge requires you to complete five different tasks, which are as follows: Woeful Wednesday Challenge BitLife 1

Being a Female Born in New Jersey

The first task of this challenge is to be born in New Jersey as a female. To do that, choose female as your starting gender and Newark as your starting city. Because Newark is New Jersey’s state capital, it will count toward the challenge, allowing you to finish the first task!

Becoming a Cello-Playing Mortician

You can begin playing instruments at a young age by going into Activities, selecting Mind and Body, and then selecting instruments. There are numerous options available here, including the cello! Every year, play it until the bar reaches 100%.

Maintain your high intelligence as you age. When you graduate from high school, apply to universities and declare Biology as your major. If it does not appear right away, you can age up and try again, or close and reopen the BitLife app. High intelligence increases your chances of acceptance and receiving a scholarship, so read plenty of books.

After finishing your four years of university, go through the full-time job list until you find the Mortician position. Apply for the job, pass the mortician interview, and move on to the next task!

Owning a Haunted Victorian House

To begin with, you must have at least $300,000 to $400,000 in cash in your bank account to purchase any house. So, start saving money from your Mortician job to make the purchase. After you’ve saved up enough money, go to the Shopping section under the Activities tab. Select any Real – Estate Brokers from the shopping menu and look for a house titled Haunted Victorian Home. If you find one, buy it right away or wait until the listings are refreshed.

Scaring Someone to Death

The final and possibly most difficult part of the challenge is to scare someone to death. You can do this to any random person, but it has a very low success rate and frequently results in you being caught by the police or the victim retaliating. In extreme cases, they may even kill you!

To scare someone to death, return to Activities, select Crime, and then Murder. Choose any victim and scare to death as your method. From here, you’re mostly relying on luck for the attempt to succeed without your death.

When you finish the final task, you will have completed the Woeful Wednesday Challenge in BitLife!