How to Find and Save Zevlor in Baldur’s Gate 3

Zevlor, a powerful tiefling, plays a pivotal role in your adventures across Faerun in Baldur’s Gate 3. But where exactly do you find this enigmatic character? This guide will track his whereabouts throughout each act.

How to Find and Save Zevlor in Baldur’s Gate 3

Act 1

Your first encounter with Zevlor occurs in Emerald Grove. Leading a group of tiefling refugees seeking shelter from goblins, Zevlor finds himself caught in a tense standoff with the grove’s druids. Here, your actions hold the key to Zevlor’s survival:

  • Defending the Tieflings: If you choose to intervene and stop Minthara, the druid leader, from attacking the grove, Zevlor survives. This opens the door for him to play a more significant role later.
  • Letting the Grove Fall: Siding with Minthara or failing to prevent the attack will result in Zevlor’s death during Act 1.

Act 2

If Zevlor survived Act 1, prepare to encounter him again in Act 2. Unfortunately, the Mind Flayers capture him and take him to their colony beneath Moonrise Towers. This presents another crucial decision:

  • Saving Zevlor: Head to the Tadpoling Center within the colony and locate the Neural Apparatus (X: 689, Y: 17). Interacting with it will release Zevlor from his pod, but be prepared for a fierce battle against newly formed Mind Flayers. Freeing Zevlor guarantees his presence in Act 3.
  • Leaving Zevlor Behind: Choosing not to intervene in the Mind Flayer Colony will have tragic consequences. Orin, another character you might encounter, will kill Zevlor for a ritual.

Zevlor Baldur's Gate 3

Act 3

The decisions you made in Act 1 and 2 determine Zevlor’s presence and role in Act 3:

  • Zevlor Saved: If Zevlor survived the Mind Flayer Colony, he will join your fight against The Netherbrain, offering his strength and strategic mind to the final battle.
  • Zevlor Dead: If Zevlor perished at the hands of the Mind Flayers or Orin, you’ll find his corpse at your camp alongside a Grand Infernal Painting. Casting “Speak with Dead” on his remains reveals Orin’s hideout location, offering a different path forward.

By understanding the choices that influence Zevlor’s fate, you can shape your adventure in Baldur’s Gate 3 and determine the powerful tiefling’s role in your fight against the encroaching darkness.