How to Fix Input Delay in Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade’s combat thrives on precise timing, but many players report input lag throwing off their rhythm. This lag can make the unforgiving fights even more frustrating. Don’t worry, there are ways to fight back against the delay!

How to Fix Input Delay in Stellar Blade

Gamers use “input lag” or “input delay” to describe the time between pressing a button and the action appearing on screen. While negligible in slower-paced games, this delay can render fast-paced titles like Stellar Blade unplayable.

Unfortunately, there’s no magic bullet for universal lag removal. However, here are some approaches worth trying:

Activate Game Mode

Many modern TVs boast a “Game Mode” that reduces input lag. Accessing it varies by manufacturer. Consult your TV’s manual or navigate its menus to locate this setting. Game Mode might slightly sacrifice visual quality, but the trade-off could improve gameplay significantly.

Adjust In-Game Graphics

Stellar Blade offers three graphics presets (Balanced, Prioritize Resolution, and Prioritize Performance). Balanced mode prioritizes 60fps, while Resolution mode lowers framerate. Experiment with the different presets (found in the Display tab of Settings) to see if performance improves.

Disable HDCP on PS5 (with Caution)

Some Stellar Blade players on Reddit reported success with disabling HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) on their PS5s. This setting allows external capture cards to function but disables video streaming apps like YouTube. If your PS5 is your primary entertainment hub, weigh the pros and cons before making this change. You can access HDCP settings through the PS5’s System menu under “HDMI.”

If none of the above solutions alleviate your woes, the problem might lie elsewhere – faulty hardware or internet connection issues. We’ll continue monitoring the situation and update this guide with any new solutions or official developer fixes.

Remember, even slight improvements can make a significant difference in fast-paced combat. Keep experimenting with the solutions provided, and hopefully, you’ll be dodging and weaving through enemies with newfound precision in Stellar Blade!