How to Fix the Zenless Zone Zero “Unable to Find Servers” Error

Getting a “Unable to Find Servers” error in Zenless Zone Zero can be frustrating, especially when you’re eager to dive into the action. But fear not, fellow Dweller! This guide will equip you with solutions to troubleshoot this connection woe.

How to Fix the Zenless Zone Zero “Unable to Find Servers” Error

1. Check Server Status

Before diving into technical troubleshooting, check if the issue lies with the game itself. Official sources like the Zenless Zone Zero website or social media channels (Twitter, Facebook) might announce server maintenance or unexpected outages. If the servers are down, your best bet is to wait patiently for them to come back online.

2. Restart Your Network Equipment

A simple restart of your router and modem can often resolve temporary network glitches that might be causing the connection issue. Power down both devices for 30 seconds, then turn them back on and wait for them to reboot completely.

3. Optimize Your Network Connection

For a more stable connection, try connecting your device directly to the router using an ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi can be susceptible to interference, so a wired connection can provide a more reliable link.

4. Adjust DNS Settings

Consider changing your DNS settings to a public DNS server like Google DNS or Cloudflare DNS. These can sometimes offer better routing compared to your ISP’s default DNS servers. Here’s how:

  • Ensure Zenless Zone Zero is completely closed.
  • Open Settings on your PS5.
  • Select Network.
  • Choose Set Up Internet Connection.
  • Depending on your setup, select either Use Wifi or Use a LAN Cable.
  • Now, select DNS Settings and set it to Manual.
  • In the Primary DNS field, enter
  • Similarly, set the Secondary DNS field to
  • Select Done to save the changes.
  • For good measure, restart your PS5.
Zenless Zone Zero Unable Find Servers
Image via HoYoverse
5. Disable Proxy or VPN

If you’re using a proxy server or VPN, try disabling them temporarily. These services can sometimes interfere with online games by rerouting your connection. See if you can connect to the servers after disabling them.

6. Update Network Drivers

Outdated network drivers can also cause connection problems. Check your device’s manufacturer website for any available updates for your network drivers. Installing the latest drivers can ensure your device has the most recent compatibility and functionality.

7. Reinstall the Game

If none of the above solutions work, as a last resort, consider reinstalling Zenless Zone Zero. This can potentially fix any corrupted game files that might be causing the connection issue. Make sure to back up any saved game data before reinstalling.

By following these steps, you should be able to fix the “Unable to Find Servers” error and get back to exploring the vibrant world of Zenless Zone Zero. If the issue persists, contacting Zenless Zone Zero‘s official support channels might be necessary.