How to Fix “Your Match Will Start Soon” Error in League of Legends?

Have you ever eagerly chosen your champion, only to be met with the frustrating “Your match will start soon” message for an extended period? This article dives into the cause and potential solutions for this common League of Legends error.

What is the “Your Match Will Start Soon” Error in League of Legends?

This error has plagued League of Legends players for years. It essentially holds players hostage after champion select, preventing them from starting the match. After waiting in vain for several minutes, many players resort to closing the client out of frustration.

Is There a Fix?

Unfortunately, the “Your match will start soon” error is entirely out of your hands. It’s directly tied to server issues on Riot Games’ end. Whenever the servers experience an outage, especially during the loading phase, this error pops up for affected players.

However, there’s a potential workaround if the server outage is minor. Try exiting the League client completely and then logging back in. This forces a complete game reload, which might allow you to successfully load into the match.

Ultimately, the power to permanently fix this error lies with Riot Games. They need to ensure smooth server operation to prevent these frustrating situations for players.

About League of Legends

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Image via Riot Games

League of Legends (LoL) is a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game released in 2009 by Riot Games. Two teams of five players engage in a battle against each other, each team defending their half of the map. Players control unique champions with distinct abilities and playstyles. By collecting experience and gold, players can upgrade their champions and purchase items to gain an advantage over their opponents. The main game mode, Summoner’s Rift, requires teams to push through the enemy base and destroy their “Nexus” to secure victory.