How to Get All the Makeshift Weapons in Fallout 4

The Fallout 4 Next-Gen update brings exciting new features, but let’s focus on something truly wasteland awesome: Makeshift Weapons! This guide will show you how to acquire this unique arsenal.

How to Get All the Makeshift Weapons in Fallout 4

All Makeshift Weapons are part of the quest “When Pigs Fly.” To get started, simply open your Quest Log and select it. The quest will lead you to Suggs’ Weapon Shop. Suggs actually sells most Makeshift Weapons before you even begin the quest. However, you can snag a few for free during the quest.

First, you’ll need to head inside Suggs’ Weapon Shop and interact with the computer terminal. Look for the option “[Weapon Dealer in Monsignor Plaza]” and select it. This action unlocks the location of Marvin’s Weapon Shop on your map. Travel there and prepare for a fight – you’ll need to clear out some raiders guarding the entrance.

Inside Marvin’s shop, you’ll find a powerful weapon – the Grenade Launcher – resting on the desk. Grab it, but don’t forget the note lying beside it. Read the note to progress the quest and gain valuable intel.

Makeshift Weapons Fallout 4

Following the note’s instructions, travel to Marvin’s lookout, which should now be marked on your map. You’ll need to take down Marvin to get the Piggy Bank Fat Man he’s holding, but be careful! A critical hit or bad luck can send the weapon flying off somewhere unrecoverable. To avoid this frustration, consider saving your game before engaging Marvin. Aim for his legs to take him down safely, then secure the legendary Fat Man for your collection.

After eliminating Marvin, head back to Suggs’ shop. But wait, trouble finds you! Two thugs will attack Suggs. One of these unfortunate raiders carries the Makeshift Baseball Launcher and a hefty amount of ammo. Eliminate them and add this free weapon to your collection.

Head back inside Suggs’ shop after dealing with the thugs. Talk to Suggs, and you’ll automatically complete the quest by handing over the schematics you obtained from Marvin. As a reward for your efforts, Suggs bestows upon you a legendary version of the Chinese Grenade Launcher Rifle – a weapon fit for any wasteland warlord!

Suggs also expands his inventory with additional Makeshift Weapons after the quest. Here are some you won’t want to miss:

  • Nail Gun
  • Saw Blade Launcher

There you have it! With this guide, you’ll be wielding the full arsenal of Makeshift Weapons in Fallout 4‘s Next-Gen Update. Now go forth and conquer the wasteland!