How to Make the Most of Nightingale with Friends

Exploring the fantastical realms of Nightingale is even more enchanting when you have friends by your side. So, how do you join forces and embark on this journey together?

How to Make the Most of Nightingale with Friends

Unlike many survival crafting games, Nightingale ditches the local hosting or paid dedicated server model. Instead, every realm is hosted on dedicated servers, free for all players. This means you can explore your friends’ realms and return to your own, regardless of their online status. If the servers are performing well, it creates a smooth and accessible experience, allowing you and your friends to freely hop between realms and collaborate effortlessly.

Ready to team up? Here’s how it works:

  1. Open the party menu.
  2. Search for your friend using their name and the four numbers that follow it.

Nightingale Friends

  1. Create a party with up to six players.

Remember, your friends can only visit your realm if you gift them a special Realm Card. Once they have it, they can use their portals to access your realm anytime.

Nightingale’s dedicated servers aim to provide a stable and enjoyable multiplayer experience. Disconnects and stability issues are infrequent, ensuring your adventures with friends are rarely interrupted.

Ready to embark on your shared journey? Gather your friends, explore the diverse realms, and conquer challenges together! Nightingale awaits your fellowship.

Remember, Nightingale is still under development, so server performance and features might evolve in the future. Stay informed and enjoy your adventures!

About Nightingale

Launched in Early Access on February 20th, 2024, Nightingale is a survival game set in a Victorian-era gaslamp fantasy world. Players explore procedurally generated realms, gather resources, craft tools and shelter, and embark on quests to unravel the mysteries of the “Pale” disaster and return to the human enclave of Nightingale.