PS5 Pro: Release Date, Price, and Specs Rumors Paint a Powerful Picture

Gamers rejoice! Whispers of a PlayStation 5 Pro (PS5 Pro) are intensifying, with rumors hinting at a release date, pricing, and impressive specs. Let’s dive into the details.

PS5 Pro Release Date

The most consistent whisper points to a release sometime between September and November of 2024. Industry insider Jeff Grubb even pinpoints a September launch, potentially timed to coincide with the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6. This strategic move would capitalize on gamers’ desire for the best possible performance for a blockbuster title.

Price: Expect a Premium

While Sony hasn’t confirmed anything, whispers suggest the PS5 Pro could follow the PS4 Pro’s pricing strategy. The PS4 launched at £349.99, and the PS4 Pro followed suit with the same price tag. This could mean the PS5 Pro might cost the same as the current £479.99 PS5. However, YouTuber Jeff Grubb speculated a possible $600 price tag for the US market, translating to a potential £579 in the UK.


The PS5 Pro, codenamed Trinity, boasts a significantly more powerful GPU, a tweaked CPU with faster speeds, and improved memory – all translating to enhanced gaming experiences. Notably, Sony is pushing developers to optimize games for the PS5 Pro, particularly in the area of ray tracing. Games that leverage the console’s extra power will be labeled “PS5 Pro Enhanced.”

The leaks suggest a 45% jump in GPU performance compared to the standard PS5. This is attributed to a larger GPU with faster memory and a “more powerful ray tracing architecture,” resulting in triple the ray tracing performance of the original PS5.

PlayStation 5 Pro

The CPU retains the base clock speed of 3.5GHz from the PS5, but introduces a new 3.85GHz mode for a 10% performance boost when needed. Developers can choose between the two modes, but using the higher clock speed comes with a slight trade-off. To maintain stability, the GPU downclocks by 1.5%, leading to a small overall performance dip compared to running the GPU at full speed.

RAM also receives an upgrade, jumping from 448GB/s on the PS5 to 576GB/s on the PS5 Pro. The memory system is said to be more efficient as well, potentially offering a bandwidth gain exceeding 28%. Developers also gain access to an additional 1.2GB of system memory, bringing the total to 13.7GB.

With fall 2024 rapidly approaching, gamers won’t have to wait long to see if these rumors solidify. The potential arrival of a PS5 Pro promises a significant leap in power and performance, but keep those wallets ready for a likely price increase. One thing’s for sure: the next generation of console gaming is shaping up to be an exciting battleground.