JUMP: Assemble Tier List: Top Picks to Conquer the Arena

Having a diverse roster is what makes JUMP: Assemble so exciting, but picking the perfect characters for your team can be tricky. Fear not, aspiring heroes! This tier list will guide you through the best choices in the game.

JUMP: Assemble Tier List

For easy reference, we’ve categorized characters into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This ranking helps visualize each hero’s potential and build a powerful team.


Tier Tank Fighter Assasin Mage Ranger Support
S Andy Naruto Uzumaki (Genin), Tanjiro Kamado, Monkey D. Luffy (Rookie) Nezuko Kamado, Shinobu Kocho Lance Crown, Gaara Nobara Kugisaki, Usopp
A Inosuke Hashibara Son Goku (Super Saiyan), Son Goku( Apprentice of the Kamesen), Naruto Uzumaki (Nine-Tails Jinchuriki), Monkey D. Luffy (Pirate Captain) Sasuke Uchiha, Minato Namikaze Boa Hancock, Megumi Fushiguro Freeza, Uryu Ishida Fuuko Izumo, Orihime Inoue, Tony Tony Chopper
B Majin Buu

Dominating the Battlefield: Top Picks by Role

Now, let’s delve into the champions who reign supreme in each role:

Fighter: Tanjiro Kamado (S-Tier)

This powerhouse boasts exceptional durability and damage output, making him a popular choice. His enhanced ultimate unleashes a devastating power surge, solidifying his position as a dominant force. Tanjiro is a fantastic all-around fighter suitable for various playstyles.

Jump Assemble Tier List

Ranger: Nobara Kugisaki (S-Tier)

Nobara’s dominance stems from her powerful passive ability. As she accumulates stacks, her damage and attack speed soar, transforming her into a relentless offensive force. Nobara is a top pick for players seeking a high-output ranger.

Assassin: Nezuko Kamado (S-Tier)

A jungler extraordinaire, Nezuko stuns opponents with her incredible burst damage. With her swift eliminations, she reigns supreme on the battlefield. Consider Nezuko if you crave a high-damage assassin role.

Mage: Gaara (S-Tier)

This versatile mage commands both immense damage and crowd control abilities. Gaara disrupts opponents with control effects while simultaneously unleashing devastating attacks. His impactful skillset makes him a meta favorite.

Tank: Andy (S-Tier)

Andy’s unmatched tanking prowess, fueled by lifesteal, makes him a near-invincible wall. His unique death transformation, reminiscent of Diggie from Mobile Legends, adds another layer of strategic depth. Andy’s a must-have for aspiring victors.


While this tier list provides valuable insights, remember – the meta can shift with updates. Consider your playstyle and team composition when choosing a hero. Ultimately, victory hinges on your skills, strategic thinking, and effective teamwork. So hone your abilities, synergize with your team, and conquer the arena in JUMP: Assemble!