Monopoly Go Galactic Adventures Event: Tasks, Rewards & Tips

Monopoly Go Galactic Adventures
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In this guide, we’ll walk you through all the details you need to know about maximizing your rewards during the Galactic Adventures event in Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go Galactic Adventures Event: Tasks & Rewards

The Galactic Adventures event in Monopoly Go is a two-day event that revolves around landing on Tax and Utility tiles to accumulate points. There are a total of 42 milestones in this event, and completing each milestone by gathering the required number of points will unlock fantastic in-game rewards.

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the prizes you can earn during the Galactic Adventures event:

Task No. Points Needed Galactic Adventures Reward
1 5 Money
2 5 10 Dice
3 10 Green Pack
4 50 130 Dice
5 15 Money
6 15 Green Pack
7 25 10 Min Rent Frenzy
8 20 Money
9 100 225 Dice
10 25 Money
11 25 Green Pack
12 30 Money
13 250 480 Dice
14 35 Money
15 40 Yellow Pack
16 45 Money
17 400 750 Dice
18 50 10 Min High Roller
19 75 Pink Pack
20 60 Money
21 700 1.1K Dice
22 60 Yellow Pack
23 65 Money
24 70 15 Min Cash Grab
25 80 100 Dice
26 500 Money
27 150 Blue Pack
28 200 250 Dice
29 250 Money
30 1.2K 2K Dice
31 300 5 Min Cash Boost
32 400 Blue Pack
33 500 Money
34 1.8K 2.7K Dice
35 550 Purple Pack
36 600 Money
37 700 800 Dice
38 1.3K Money
39 750 900 Dice
40 800 Gold Blue Pack
41 900 Money
42 4.3K Gold Blue Pack & 7K Dice

Tips for Winning the Galactic Adventures Event

Winning the Galactic Adventures event in Monopoly Go relies on your ability to complete milestones before the event concludes. Landing on Tax tiles will earn you three points each time, but if you’re fortunate enough to have a roll multiplier like x10, you can score a whopping 30 points in a single roll.

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Here are some valuable tips to keep in mind to excel in the Galactic Adventures event:

  • Strategic Tile Selection: Save your highest multipliers for locations on the board that lead to point tiles. This ensures you maximize your point earnings.
  • Earn More Dice: Keep an eye out for other opportunities to earn additional dice, as they can be instrumental in achieving success during the event. Participate in tournaments and landmarks to bolster your dice collection.
  • Efficient Dice Rolls: Use your dice rolls efficiently, considering your current position on the board and the location of point tiles.
  • Task and Reward Selection: Be strategic in choosing your tasks and rewards. As the event progresses, you may find that some rewards are not worth the effort required to complete the tasks. In such cases, it’s wise to wait for the next event with more favorable rewards.

The Galactic Adventures event in Monopoly Go offers a thrilling opportunity to test your strategic skills and earn fantastic rewards. With careful planning and a bit of luck, you can conquer this event and claim your well-deserved prizes. Good luck on your galactic adventure!