Nintendo Switch Dominates: Top 10 Best-Selling Nintendo Consoles of All Time

The Nintendo Switch continues to be a juggernaut in the gaming industry, but how does it stack up against Nintendo’s past consoles? Let’s dive into the top 10 best-selling Nintendo platforms and see where the Switch stands.

Nintendo Switch Dominates: Top 10 Best-Selling Nintendo Consoles of All Time

This list compares the Switch’s performance to its predecessors in terms of both hardware and software sales:

Rank Platform Units Sold (Millions) Games Sold (Millions)
1 Nintendo DS 154.02 948.76
2 Nintendo Switch 139.36 1,200.10
3 Game Boy 118.69 501.11
4 Wii 101.63 921.85
5 Game Boy Advance 81.51 377.42
6 NES 61.91 500.01
7 SNES 49.1 379.06
8 Nintendo 64 32.93 224.97
9 Nintendo 3DS 75.94 391.85
10 Wii U 13.56 103.60

The Switch reigns supreme as Nintendo’s most successful home console ever, surpassing its predecessors with its impressive 139.36 million units sold. However, the undisputed champion remains the Nintendo DS, boasting a staggering 154.02 million units sold across its various iterations.

Best-Selling Nintendo Consoles
Image via Morgan/Flickr

Further down the list, we see a diverse range of performers. The Wii U sits at the bottom, unfortunately becoming Nintendo’s least successful platform with only 13.56 million units sold. In stark contrast, the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance achieved immense popularity, selling over 118 million and 81 million units, respectively.

The Switch has etched its name in history by becoming Nintendo’s first console to surpass 1 billion games sold, currently standing at an astounding 1.2 billion. This achievement puts it significantly ahead of the closest contender, the Nintendo DS, with 948.76 million games sold.

With the Switch’s immense success, anticipation runs high for Nintendo’s next console, tentatively dubbed the Nintendo Switch 2. While rumors suggest a 2025 launch, nothing is confirmed yet. Regardless, the Switch 2 will have a tough act to follow, given its predecessor’s remarkable achievements.