Overkill: FPS Game That Lets Android And iOS Users Shoot Each Other

Overkill is a free cross-platform game for Android and iOS devices that let’s Apple fan boys take on Android users and vice versa. Despite being similar to other FPS games for Android and iOS, Overkill has one specific aspect that makes it stand out from the rest, i.e. a game with extraordinary graphics, which works even on low-end devices.


Overkill Overview

While you might find Overkill quite similar to other games like Gunstrike, however it is far quicker and less monotonous than other first person shooters available at Google Play and iTunes. Overkill is quite a fast paced game which demands a quick reaction time and requires getting the hang off.

Overkill Instructions

First Person Shooter Game With Killer Graphics

The game provides regular on-screen instructions  whenever you require changing your weapon, buying ammo or need to perform an important function. The developer has rightly stated that “You will need quick reflexes and superior aiming skills to shoot your way out of this one”. The graphics are surprisingly awesome, considering that Overkill is a free FPS game and good enough to be played even on Gingerbread devices. Moreover, you can have all the fun using an iPhone, iPad or iPod device.

Overkill Graphics

Single And Multi Player Mode

Overkill can be played both in Single Player and Multi Player mode. While the single player mode requires clearing various levels by shooting your way across opponents, you can take on a live opponent by joining a multi player game. This mode can be played using a 3G or Wi-Fi connection, however the latter is recommended to conserve your data usage on a mobile connection (which is usually more expensive). If you are in the mood to take on Apple fan boys or if you are an iOS fan who wants to shoot his way through Android users, then this is your chance.

Single and Multi Player Mode

Novice And Elite Tier

The Novice Tier brings battles featuring slower enemies which are easier to eliminate and is suitable if you are playing the game for the first time. During battles, you are issued unlimited ammunition with a standard UMP 45 submachine gun. Once you get the hang of all features, you can upgrade to the Elite Tier, which features faster opponents that are harder to kill. Elite players are provided with upgradeable M16A4 SPECOPS rifles with additional stocks, magazines, and other gear. The Elite Tier also comes with a bonus boxes, leaderboard, drones, and other features.

Novice and Elite Tier

Overkill Video Demo

Overkill works with devices running Android 2.3 or above and iOS 4.3 or later, including iPhone 5. Overkill has versions for the following devices:

  • Android
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch

Download Overkill For Android

Download Overkill For iOS