Remnant 2: How to Defeat the Final Boss Annihilation

Remnant 2 Annihilation

In this Remnant 2 Annihilation guide, we’ll delve into what you can anticipate during this intense battle and provide you with strategies for success. Get ready to face the toughest adversary in the entire game and prove your mettle!

Remnant 2: How to Defeat the Final Boss Annihilation

Phase One

  • Learn the sword slashes timing: Annihilation’s primary attacks involve slamming its gigantic sword into the ground with short delays, creating shockwaves. Take some practice runs to understand the timing of its sword slashes and practice avoiding them.
  • Focus on energy balls: During Phase One, Annihilation will also spam multiple energy orbs that target you after a short time. Prioritize eliminating these orbs quickly to avoid being overwhelmed.
  • Master the quick-time event dodge: When Annihilation stabs its sword into the ground and forces you into a quick-time event, be prepared to dodge skillfully to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

Phase Two

  • Prioritize survivability over damage: In the more challenging second phase, your primary focus should be on survival rather than dealing damage. We’ll explain why later.
  • Recognize sword swing patterns: Annihilation will slam its sword down and swing it to the side after a delay. Listen for a chime sound, indicating when the sword is about to slide towards you. This audio cue is crucial for avoiding damage.
  • Understanding tentacle attacks: The red boxes near the tentacles do not inflict damage. Instead, they indicate where the tentacles will slam down. Move through these areas before the tentacles strike the ground.
  • Dodging lightning sparks: When Annihilation sends down lightning sparks, position yourself between four sparks to create an immunity spot. Alternatively, dodge towards the location where the sparks originate to avoid damage.
  • Navigate the damage grid: During one of Annihilation’s attacks, it throws out a damage grid. Dodge through it instead of attempting to crouch under the lines.

  • Eliminate energy orbs: Quickly dispatch the energy orbs spawned by Annihilation, and ensure you deal with them before anything else. These orbs can deal significant damage if left unchecked.

Seizing the Opportunity: The Best Time to Deal Damage

A vital tip for maximizing your damage output is to take advantage of moments when Annihilation sends you back to the first phase temporarily. During these intervals, you can inflict significant damage, especially since you’ve become adept at dealing with the initial phase from repeated encounters. While some damage can be done in the second phase, the primary opportunity lies during the transition.

By following these strategies, you should find yourself well-prepared to face Annihilation head-on and emerge triumphant. It’s important to note that there is technically a third phase, which involves dealing with small creatures briefly, but this should pose little challenge compared to the previous encounters. Best of luck in your final battle! May you overcome Annihilation and bring peace to the world of Remnant 2.