Sink Your Teeth into V Rising on PS5 This June: Release Date & Editions

Calling all bloodsuckers and crafting enthusiasts, V Rising is setting its sights on PlayStation 5! After a successful run on Early Access for PC, Stunlock Studios has announced the official PS5 release date for their vampire survival game.

V Rising PS5 Release Date

Mark your calendars, because V Rising descends on PS5 on June 11th, 2024. This means you can soon build your own gothic empire, dominate the night, and quench your thirst for power… all from the comfort of your couch.

The PS5 version boasts UI improvements specifically designed for the console experience, alongside full support for the DualSense controller. Expect haptic feedback to heighten the thrill of the hunt and adaptive triggers to add a new layer of immersion when wielding your vampiric arsenal.

V Rising PS5 Release Date
Image via Stunlock Studios

Multiple Editions to Choose From

V Rising offers not just one, but three ways to join the undead uprising:

  • Standard Edition ($39.99 / €39.99): This base game version is perfect for those who want to experience the core V Rising experience. PS Plus members can snag a 10% discount on the pre-order.
  • Castlevania Edition ($59.99 / €59.99): Channel your inner Dracula with this edition. It includes the base game, five days of Early Access, and the Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack DLC.
    • The DLC ($19.99 / €19.99) is also available separately and features a trove of gothic goodies inspired by Castlevania:
      • Dress like Alucard himself!
      • Spooktacular hairstyles and shapeshifting forms (think Maria Renard, Soul of the Wolf, and the Flea Man).
      • Spooky castle decorations and statues to create the ultimate gothic ambiance.
      • Ride in style on a skeletal steed reminiscent of Rowdain.
      • Two classic Castlevania tracks in your castle.
  • Complete Edition ($99.99 / €99.99): This ultimate edition includes everything from the Castlevania Edition, plus:
    • Sinister Evolution Pack:
      • The cape and mask of the Plague Chemist.
      • A saddle for your mount, transforming it into a steed enhanced by science!
      • A wide range of mad-science inspired lighting and castle decor.
      • Deck your castle out in the glass and iron suitable for a more modern mind that appreciates progress.
      • Large glass vats to keep your failed experiments!
    • Dracula’s Relics Pack
      • Cloak and helm of the Immortal King!
      • Glorious black and gold aesthetic for your castle halls.
      • Light your stronghold with braziers that represent the pride of the Vampire.
      • Rest in a coffin and sit on a throne that project your regal status.
    • Eldest Bloodline Pack:
      • 3 shapeshifting form variants: Stygian Wolf, Stygian Bear, Grandma Form
      • A wide array of character customizations, hair styles, and accessories.
      • Hanging gargoyle decorations available in marble, granite, and stone variations.
      • A mighty, massive statue depicting a vicious conflict. A fine centerpiece to any hall.

Stunlock Studios hasn’t confirmed if the Sinister Evolution Pack, Dracula’s Relics Pack, or Eldest Bloodline Pack will be available for separate purchase. So, if you crave the complete vampire experience, the Complete Edition might be your best bet.

With the release date just around the corner, there’s no better time to sharpen your fangs and prepare for your PS5 debut in V Rising. Whether you choose the standard edition or one of the special editions, get ready to sink your teeth into a world of blood, crafting, and domination come June.